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No 3rd verse

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Brain Health, Health and wellness, Poems
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The diagnosis may be for long life
or to be on a shorter tether
and the dynamic of such restraint
are circles decreasing in diameter
less range, each turn
more decrepitude each cycle.
the prognosis surmises lesser strife
you could have hit me with a feather
in fact, a portrait of oil paint
raising hope for ever after.
More an image of pink pattern
less the reality of life’s pickle.
A third verse? No,
misuse of sayings, simile or metaphor
should end, caught in tangled tackle.



the goat farm

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Poems, Travel
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silver birds fight
to find the wheat land waypoint,
struggle with the south westerly
blowing sunday’s sky clean
of white tales.
Sideways glides and power compensations
make the place of turns
then, at waypoint hammersmith
elements batter and bend flight.
Trying to find the waypoint for approach:
laser, satellite, computer and synapse
battle to hub, eyes and seatbelts tight.
But the calculation obstacle course
of raw natural power
runs away from waypoint goat farm
or row of cottages on the heath.


surf face

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Health and wellness, Poems

There are instances
when only your face
can bring me to the surface
to inhale the mixture
of your words,
that are rhythms
which only your mind,
can pulse through fingertips,
with its expanse
of your vitality.
Then I return
to the depths of space
beneath those caught sightings
of only your face,
of only your mind.


Sun girl

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Poems

The sun on my face

the light of my mind

clears the night

and brightens the sky.

In the heat of your eye

colours sharpen

and radiance vibrates

warmth in your smilerays.


Shadows lengthen

and the horizon then receives

the setting as we part

westward you vanish,

but east turn my eyes.


Alone in moonshade

single in shadows

left alone to watch stars

with thoughts only for tomorrow

of the prospect of

my sun never setting ?


Looking out at the rim

waiting and wondering

as curtains fade

and light returns

in the crescent of movement

powered by your eyes.

dwk 2010

where are you ?

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Poems
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who could be the robber,
who could, take it away?

Or you deprive:
the loss of fertile fantasy,
happy dreams, light bulb ideas,
human synapse electricity?

Or is there a component missing,
a toothless cog or some circuit broken
that once gave you
the high gear of emotion?



…take me to the airport

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Poems

oh spare me

that platform

which offers

no other train

than that to terminus

through cuttings

and tunnels

of pure pain …

… taxi driver please

take me to the airport !



After such a warm summer connection,
now this is a dark place, without feeling or awareness.
Just that creeping numbness
when energy’s comfort is drained.
Once vitality is lost,
overspent perhaps in our time together,
hours so brief because contact must be shattered
and doors stay swinging….
…..and you retreat
to a former life, through the surf waves
of our laughter, food and adventures,
to once again, transform and dry out.
Here are your life risks, your re-birth days,
re-charging, choices, decisions, new ways
and sunshine, not there !
Energy is generated here.
Like a child, I stamp and kick
because those relying on you
cannot let you through their dark hallways
and the fuse of ecstasy is tripped.


Posted: September 2, 2010 in Poems


I think of you…
much used words
in crude lines
or sometimes those with finesse
or even greatness.
But I do!
think of you.
It must be the savage in me
because I should not be capable
of poetry?


Bubble promises

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Poems

A timid confidence

gleaming tortoise shell
beautiful but breakable
shifting, non commitment
moves from sphere to sphere
deepening the spell.
A torture of desire
just out of reach
top shelf, but untouchable
gazelle neck balances
a tilting head, lips unfold
blowing gentle speech.
Why the game?
once she purred a song
weighted but tender
bubble promises floated
on telecom’s faceless web
will truth surface before long? (ing)

for baba

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Poems

……and then there is the warmth

that adds to the bed’s protection

as you lie there in

the emptiness of night ,

that fills the void

and adds to the recharge

with reassurance and confidence

that sleep gives back ,

softness curled beside one’s spine

that adds to the heat

beneath the feathers

and wrapped in sheets ,

hugged to you, sustained comfort

that adds to the hearts effort

to keep temperatures level

and partners , to be one

in this warmth….



Posted: March 22, 2010 in Poems


I am standing in a station, worried now because I have not seen a train for some time,

wondering if the timetable means anything as the appointed time of arrival and departure of MY train are both past.

Starting to feel trapped in one of those nondescript urban sprawls that has no identity other than that offered by its railway station,

in a sort of vacuum or abyss, with a million things to do and my body to drag behind me as I force these to be completed,

floating in the chaotic mass of changes, even the decoration that has been the last 2 years.

…..and then I catch sight of gleaming metal, sliding toward me, almost soundless and I know that she is coming and will anchor me again.


always about to begin

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Poems

I don’t know
if it’s “alright”
I don’t know
but have this to fight.
The shaking battles,
and the quaking rattles
and all the time
I feel I am about to begin
Never ending,
an infinite fight,
because at the start
all the time means
there is no flight,
and this perpetual
readiness to begin
means I don’t know
if it’ll be “alright”.

…….not fair!!!!!!

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Health and wellness, Poems, Ramblings

Its just not fair!
here I am a grown man
crying my eyes out as I type
there’s water rolling down my cheeks
Because it is just not fair!
Who doles it out this…. fairness thing,
where is it?
I can’t find it!!!
…….and as for YOU !
the ‘you make your own luck
and/or deal with it’ crowd,
well I HAVE, for 36 years
but I just can’t get a break.
Where is this stuff
so I can buy some maybe?
I just want to be with someone
and be happy,
but I am not allowed that, oh no!
So I fight through the nettles of seizure.
Mostly pushing it away,
refusing to let it get the upper hand.
Even when it entangles me,
I can hear myself saying, NO! NO!
out load and then the scar tissue
turns several pages and I am lost.
Someone who HAS to be so in control is lost!
What happened?
I was OK wasn’t I?
Maybe, I should go after the one
who was doling out fate
in the form of my disability,
and I would have a few words with him!!
Some people type or print Him.
But he doesn’t deserve such reverence.
I just got an  email from someone
and it just blew me away,
because it’s just NOT fair!
I have given, I have loved, I have sacrificed,
I have avoided the suffering of holding back,
of staying out of the world.
I have not hidden myself away,
I have always tried to help,
so why can’t I have
the one opportunity before I fall cold,
of some sunshine in here?
Why…………. why?


installation transformation

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Poems

working with their hands,
something of which I know.
A skill matured from youth
and embedded with repetition
of virtually every situation or twist,
it’s amazing to see.
All those who conspire
that moonwalks are earthwalks
have not seen a plumber’s torch fire!
Manual skills unappreciated
have built bridges, pyramids
and tunnels beneath seas,
but today two middle aged men
performed transformations for me.
The intricate almost Byzantium
flow pipes now in my home
will give me warmth, comfort,
therefore better health
and to watch was a joy!
You see, after 15 years of asking
they installed central heating today,
thankyou, Prime Minister.



Posted: July 10, 2009 in Poems


I have to come up for air!
I have been there before,
it is that place where
the light is so bright
the sound so vivid
and the air so clear.
But, even with such floatation
plummeting fathoms
to dark depths
of blind confusion,
bursting lungs and
such pressure brings delusion.
Then oxygen absence impacts…
…and I have to come up for air !



it stays bright

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Poems


that tiny star
always there
even through tear
it flickers
but stays
in the sky
of your eyes.
Through trouble
and frowns
it stays bright
then you smile
and this spark
brings to life
love’s radiation
and sight.


tracking of infinity

Posted: July 1, 2009 in Poems

there are times
that come and go
that stain us,
       blanche us,
       cheer us too,
beyond these hours
is the residue
of minutes between
and the seconds that flow.
how in the mire
of this regularity
    this ticking,
          tracking of infinity,
can love be so arresting
that time stops so completely
in an endless scene
interlocked with eternity?


spaces poeming

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Poems

who could be the robber,
who could, take it away?
Or you deprive:
the loss of fertile fantasy,
happy dreams, light bulb ideas,
human synapse electricity?
Or is there a component missing,
a toothless cog or some circuit broken
that once gave you
the high gear of emotion?
Anyone could be the robber….
if it is there to take…
but guard your fertile fantasy
whilst you’re wide awake.
but sleep brings a lapse
of attention to your plight
as your mind is apprehended
in the velvet darkness called night…………..


The first verse I posted last month in this blog and this was Sheena Ingrid’s response made as a comment, I liked it so wanted you all to see the two verses together!


Posted: May 30, 2009 in Poems


where are you?

I look everywhere

for the foundation, something solid

on which to plant four feet

and enjoy the sun

and yet we have hardly begun.


Your laugh echoes

disturbing my natural compass

my balance, my wanting,

the happy but ricocheting sound

defies the possibility

of the physical mobility


so that we can simply meet

in measured, metered ground,

that suits your needs.

Should I build this place?

Should I continue searching

and end this eternal floating?


Is that you, behind the sky

that is so impenetrably clouded

by the devils of others’ reality?

Then an opaque realisation;

your shadow glanced there

but again only fresh earth bare.


Where are your footprints

in my tiny sphere of reference?

Is that your dear, soft face,

in the shattered reflection

of my pooled teardrops.

Please find my arms and make this stop……………




Posted: May 19, 2009 in Poems

who could be the robber,
who could, take it away?
Or you deprive:
the loss of fertile fantasy,
happy dreams, light bulb ideas,
human synapse electricity?
Or is there a component missing,
a toothless cog or some circuit broken
that once gave you
the high gear of emotion?