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Indignant in her confidence
she is a crutch for many,
but now time to drop the penny.
That there are two ends to a rope,
in all her strengthened binding,
the power to haul sails aloft
where life’s canvas can only
be seen in her, as steady.
As she goes, now needs secure knots,
a chain splice might be the tight.



riding out, 
on Matt's quarterhorse,
Marky's pinto and
cool Luke's thoroughbred,
towards the house of John's good cheer,
hear only our loose laughing tongues
and horse breath in still, hot air.

Then startled,
sudden prancing,
the horses turn a kick,
no one fell, know calming tricks,
check out fetlock or missing shoes.
But, then on the trail
comes around a guy with a gun,
slowly smiling, but with no fun
any horsesense can smell.

He offers g'ddays and asks the ways
to 'Peter's Grand Gatehouse',
he's "following father, as any good son",
looks worried tho, just like those folk
whose trigger finger,
will soon see them done.
To lengthen wear of his saddle
we tell him ride 'westward
keep following the sun',
on his calm, fine, snowflake Appaloosa
to the frontier of the horizon,
can hear fading...
his sprinting horse's foot fall,
drum an' a drum,
	drum an' a drum,
		drum an' a drum.


astounding silence here

Posted: June 9, 2016 in inspiration

many years of reading here

but a fall off of communication and therefore,

will to energise even a pixel is lacking.

It is interesting witnessing your confidence

to tell your stories, fact or fiction,

but the quietness of other readers is astounding.

Is the putrid twitter now utilised by personalities and promoters,

closing minds or just killing time?

Interaction pushing friendship further away?

A stream of nothing greets me everyday

and inappropriate advertising  hides your say.




Living in lies by the railway line
Pushing the hair from my eyes
Elvis is English and climbs the hills
Can’t tell the bullshit from the lies

Screaming along in South London
Vicious but ready to learn
Sometimes I fear that the whole world is queer
Sometimes but always in vain

So I’ll wait until we’re sane
Wait until we’re blessed and all the same
Full of blood, loving life and all it’s got to give
Englishmen going insane

Down on my knees in Suburbia
Down on myself in every way

With great expectations I change all my clothes
Mustn’t grumble at silver and gold
Screaming above Central London
Never bored, so I’ll never get old

So I’ll wait until we’re sane
Wait until we’re blessed and all the same
Full of blood, loving life and all it’s got to give
Englishmen going insane

Down on my knees in suburbia
Down on myself in every way

Day after, day after day, day after
Zane, Zane, Zane, Ouvre le chien
Day after day, day after
Zane, Zane, Zane, Ouvre le chien
Day after


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Posted: December 28, 2015 in inspiration

I sincerely hope you all get a deserved and perhaps needed break in which to celebrate what you worship or ‘just put your feet up’. For me this time of year is a little melancholic as everyone I know or knew is so far away but that can mean some great surprises! Surprises sometimes as small as a Christmas card from one of your best mates from school. I will not dare say how long ago as she is still a very attractive lady who would you believe teaches in the same school we attended. Her mother was a sophisticated handsome lady who was also a teacher, and I will always remember how she explained to someone that she was talking to me as an adult because it was the best way to teach respect. Her daughter always looked after me when I was available to disrupt the normal day and now we know of each other only through faceBook detail, I guess.
Its about time I got around to visiting her again on the coast. One thing we have always tried to do though is each year buy the best designed modern Christmas card we can for each other and over the years its got a bit competitive. I have failed her this time and she has clearly won this year all because of a bout of flu I found in a hospital waiting room, laying me flat for 2 weeks. But the pleasure of making my own little Christmas tree with paper triangles to my surprise, that arrived in the snail mail, can’t be described. Each triangle was a memory as I bent it forward from the blank front cover.
DIY Christmas Card
The other pleasure of this lady is her writing which perfectly reflects her joyful character. I received a card enveloped in zany smiles and laughter, yet again and I am only describing her pen hand. I remember her laugh so well and her self-assurance in her prettiness, no, sexiness. Why she had anything to do with me I will never know but there are many of her cards tucked in a nice box with the envelopes too –
for you, C.
Happy Christmas and New Year


Posted: June 16, 2015 in inspiration, poetry
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you cannot see
beyond the screen
you cannot see
pixel defined horizon lines.
You CANNOT see
beyond qwertyuiop keys,
life IS unfair
when eyes are impaired
but if you reach for Ray Ban
for the blind man’s cool stare?
Make sure you see
those sunshine times
when eyes light up for you and me . . . . .


I visited Joe Seeber’s blog today, out of courtesy, he follows me apparently.
It is a classic, the comment I left got so long it turned into this blog,
so his techniques must work I suppose, except I have never seen or read them and here is the reason why…

”Manifest my own reality…………..”?

“I mostly read personal development books as l am on a strict regimen of always improving myself as a person and offering as much value to the world."
I hope Joe’s self-esteem and confidence gains some ground because anyone pretentious enough to offer to guide others without knowing the way, grasping at other’s maps and trying to live the american dream of making money out of everything is not the dream of the majority.
Joe says don’t worry about others, do it your way. "Does your blog make the cut?" He presents himself as Judge, jury and hangman? Who put you in those positions over my little blog that does not have many visitors, but therefore, does keep the nest buzzing and here and there some honey for WordPress. Even I paid them to take the ads off one blog because the ads were so poor.
What about action Joe? -Why not take your improvement skills and GO and sort out the world’s eating problems, help starving people get hold of the tons of food dumped every night by supermarkets in the developed world. (That is reality not a left wing complaint). Help the obese lose weight and save them from diabetes. Make training videos of how to handle money better instead of blogs and throw your laptop away for real freedom. (Yes I did!)
and thankyou again for helping me to write my blog, which I only write when something pours out, rather like retching and probably of the same consistency.

p.s. I just enjoy reading your blogs, not all as some dive into detail or cannot get across what they want to say despite magnificent language.