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Living in lies by the railway line
Pushing the hair from my eyes
Elvis is English and climbs the hills
Can’t tell the bullshit from the lies

Screaming along in South London
Vicious but ready to learn
Sometimes I fear that the whole world is queer
Sometimes but always in vain

So I’ll wait until we’re sane
Wait until we’re blessed and all the same
Full of blood, loving life and all it’s got to give
Englishmen going insane

Down on my knees in Suburbia
Down on myself in every way

With great expectations I change all my clothes
Mustn’t grumble at silver and gold
Screaming above Central London
Never bored, so I’ll never get old

So I’ll wait until we’re sane
Wait until we’re blessed and all the same
Full of blood, loving life and all it’s got to give
Englishmen going insane

Down on my knees in suburbia
Down on myself in every way

Day after, day after day, day after
Zane, Zane, Zane, Ouvre le chien
Day after day, day after
Zane, Zane, Zane, Ouvre le chien
Day after


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I watched something that has supported me like a scaffold rig for about 20 years, die last night. The confidence to pursue, the guts to fight seeping away from a group of extra ordinary people who forgot how to do what they do. A space was left between their ears, memory deflated of something they had done thousands of times for most of their lives. Fantastic physical specimens paid a lot of money to entertain us in a sport that is very tribal despite their bank balances they simply ceased to do what has entertained millions and give courage through joy, pride and self-confidence through example.
I know they will come again and again but this team one wears the colours of, particularly on match day, are my family, my people, with my commitment which is a great therapy.
Even for the fullest in fitness, they present an opportunity to unwind, to scream and shout at a stadium or even in your shell. Mentally urging them on and on one is raising oneself out of gloom and of course winning is achieved for us all. Resulting in a better frame of mind on a Monday morning a happier outlook without the need for sunlight. I  need the tribe (a psychologist suggested that the other team in most sports is NOT the enemy in a symbolic battle, the opposition players are not to be considered other than obstacles in the way. The enemy is the net to be hit, the line to be crossed, the basket to be filled. that is the winning of any symbolic struggle on a sports field). I think he is right. Some people just don’t get it but have never been to a live game and felt the enthusiasm among so many and it is interesting how they find their self-confidence from other things. If someone hates sport I guarantee they are hooked on something else and can talk for hours of it!
Last night was sad you see, because I fall over a lot, do strange things etc. and so am isolated but I find self-assurance in what my team does. So when it fails it hurts, when starts to fall to pieces so do I.
I await a new era acknowledging that big time sport worldwide only exists because of the money to be taken from its spectators through tickets or TV, but the reason they spend is more than a little entertainment.

. . . . ruby cloth

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Entertainment, Health and wellness, Poems, Sport

I remember many re-weavings
and fabric still evident.
Passageways and maze pathways
through forests of violent interception
or dumbstruck obstruction.
Woven with a magic grace
instilled from decades of search,
dye work and strengthening
intertwined with the magic
of instinct and genius.
Patterns of passes left on weft
with the yarn of practiced efficiency,
sometimes off-set by the cleverness
of determined obstacles in parallel
and damaged thread.
But overall a ruby cloth for entertainment
swelled by the liquid of finance
and worldwide wanted association.
Still using the same design for victory
the pinnacle for the least fanatical
reached so many times
in decades I have desperately needed
the expectancy, the euphoria and
the lift from my pit, of goals gained.
All designed by a Knight
called – Ferguson.


….for a painter

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Entertainment, People, Poems
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Not too full,        
not too thin.
I never thought
I would be jealous 
of a piece of fruit!
As I wipe away
juice from my mouth,
yours is now moist
& sparkling in the sun.
No paint needed,
no doll lipstick.
I always thought
I would be jealous
of such rich colour,
As you open my arms
and kiss my mouth,
your lips still moist,
wine tasting has begun !


I brought this pad out

to list my things to do

but styled vocabulary

of a different brew.

My friend here about

is delighted by rhyme,

and shows us weekly

the sophistication of words.

In either a whisper or shout

however spoken, resonate

the strings he strums

and hearts vibrate.

For a cigarette he’ll tout

but too cool to shake

his dictionary is a playground

geared with a talented trait.



nightmare gate

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Entertainment
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Richard paced the square, he had seen this on film. That he was a prisoner had been a very slow realisation nonetheless. He knew his name, but how did he know his name? Who had named him? His mind was a cell.

Richard paced his square as he did every morning, every day perhaps, for as long as he could remember. He felt good this morning but did not know it because the only conditions he could rationally realise were comfortable or uncomfortable. He comfortably looked at the walls and the floor and the ceiling. They were their eternal white. The surfaces almost glowed and looked too hot or too cold to touch? Yet again he turned this over in his mind and dared not touch. He simply continued to shuffle around the perimeter of his square, in his protective boots, which he only wore for this simple exercise which began every day.

He reached the triangular symbol for the twentieth time and as it always did, it grew in size to accommodate return to his circular room. He never attempted to break with his routine on any occasion as he knew he would immediately feel uncomfortable. He could not remember the last time he had broken the scheme of his day, but he remembered the pain which started in his lower back and raced at terrific pace up his spine into his head. This thought began to ricochet around his mind as he found the entrance to his round room sealed?

He concentrated harder but did not struggle with the entrance, just passively tried to open it by replacing his hand on the red, glowing circle beside it. Almost immediately the circle moved off and down the corridor, away from Richard’s exercise square and circular room, he dutifully followed. One hundred yards further on in a direction he had never ventured before he stopped as quickly as the circle halted and obediently entered the triangular entrance which developed to his size. He gazed in wonder at this new place. He squinted and blinked and stretched his eyes wide open but still could not see where dimensions or perspectives he was used to, began or ended.

Then he received a tremendous shock that made him shake and tremble. Everything was suddenly blackness, something he had never known was complete darkness. This was the opposite to his extreme existence in the reassuring white glow he had always known. It seemed an age before Richard unravelled himself from the protective foetal position which he had crumpled into. The convulsive sobbing still in his throat he sat up and touched his hand to his face and suddenly his fingers felt different and then between his thumb and forefinger. Why was he experiencing moisture from his eyes? In the lightless environment he could not fully appreciate what even teardrops were.

Before he could ponder any further the light which had led him to this discomfort reappeared beside him. It did not lead him any further but the slight illumination it provided fell upon a form which he recognised immediately. It was the same as the rectangular bench he lay on to sleep in his circular room. This floating transparent slab, somehow invisibly supported, was at that moment as reassuring to Richard as anything he might of thought of in this strange place. Despite its familiar hardness, he stretched himself out expecting to feel the inner warmth he normally experienced before sleeping in the white circular room. As he did so more light began to permeate the area around him. Despite the lack of expected warmth and increasing light he fell asleep.

Eight hours later he awoke as usual in his circular white room, next to his wife, the first Lady of America. He realised he was late for a visit to a pentagonal room on Capitol Hill! He sat on the edge of his bed and pulled on his protective boots.

(wrote this in 1981, I was still at college. Found it in old diary pages.) dwk

sniff, jog, run, sprint, race, ….. dig dirt, throw it around, mark virgin walls, desperate for volume, but note how filth slides off that non-stick, anonymous glass. Then claim looking for gold, in the slurry, those tiny glints of truth pushed aside by the odd self-absorbing obsessions of the day. That 5 second blink of headline. ……… I look up from my ranting and there is the face ejected from some ‘house’ the night before, a 5 minute superstar for failing. I don’t want to know, in my mute button hammering desperation, I don’t want to know ! What this is or thinks. But I notice how carefully prepared, made over, made up for the studio oven. This dressed up plain person is the moment. Treated like a globe winning deserving non-success. Shortcomings now grab our sec-span attention? The soon throwaway, vanishing, disappearing to be sucked clean of any possible pixel glitter before deletion. A 2-dimensional nutrient for flabby imaginations, dumbed-down, quiet, controlled.

We can’t wait to smell the next pervasive stain.

Festival Fountain

Posted: June 15, 2007 in Entertainment


Normally the public use this fountain as a pleasure experience. Or a different experience, its walls of water create a maze which you can step into and step straight out sometimes, other times you have to move from square to square waiting for the opportunity to leave. The nonsplash surface sucks awaay and recycles the water and so inside you don’t get wet.

Well you only get to see specialist doctors on say a 6 monthly basis, the reason I was in central London enjoying what most tourists were enjoying (plus a bit of money throwing in Habitat’s soft furnishing department) when arrived at the newly refurbished Royal Festival Hall. Now I know I had been to visit my Nuerologist but the video don’t lie, I met this fellow.

Festival Fountain
Video: FestivalFountain


Posted: April 12, 2007 in Entertainment

You have to see it !

I don’t have to say anything more than the score that beat the romans, the team that:

"could be the  potential undoing of Manchester United’s season hopes".

oh weep, thee pundits and weak, faithless television presenters, take your shiny suits and burn them along with your false pre-match predictions.

YOU have to see it !


something fresh?

Posted: October 26, 2006 in Entertainment

I like rolling about on the new leather sofa,
I like nestling up with you to keep warm.
You know, you are so tolerant, considering the mess I make, most of it you cannot see, but I do my best to lick it off!
and I am sorry, I thought we were a family? you know run with the pack etc., so I thought, while I was out last night, that I would bring some food home. Instead of selfishly stashing it away for myself.
yes I know its a white carpet, but look, look its fresh! I just thought we should have something fresh today!!! – instead of that stuff you hunt once a month and put on the floor everyday, in that weird plastic thing with the strange marks on the side. Have you ever licked plastic clean?
Its so de-humanising, after all, us humans have to stick together, especially as your balance is so strange. Sometimes I think you have given up on your front legs, and why don’t you junp off the balcony to go out? Why do you always use the stairs?
Well, I am sorry you don’t like the meat it took me 2 hours to catch it, but your neighbour’s got the picture! He is right, it is natural for our pride to hunt. So come on lets do it, its a full moon tonight!
No? you want to watch that noisy coloured light again????
That thing is dangerous you know, we would never know if someone was hunting us, you see you have to have your senses about you did I tell you about the time…………