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I visited Joe Seeber’s blog today, out of courtesy, he follows me apparently.
It is a classic, the comment I left got so long it turned into this blog,
so his techniques must work I suppose, except I have never seen or read them and here is the reason why…

”Manifest my own reality…………..”?

“I mostly read personal development books as l am on a strict regimen of always improving myself as a person and offering as much value to the world."
I hope Joe’s self-esteem and confidence gains some ground because anyone pretentious enough to offer to guide others without knowing the way, grasping at other’s maps and trying to live the american dream of making money out of everything is not the dream of the majority.
Joe says don’t worry about others, do it your way. "Does your blog make the cut?" He presents himself as Judge, jury and hangman? Who put you in those positions over my little blog that does not have many visitors, but therefore, does keep the nest buzzing and here and there some honey for WordPress. Even I paid them to take the ads off one blog because the ads were so poor.
What about action Joe? -Why not take your improvement skills and GO and sort out the world’s eating problems, help starving people get hold of the tons of food dumped every night by supermarkets in the developed world. (That is reality not a left wing complaint). Help the obese lose weight and save them from diabetes. Make training videos of how to handle money better instead of blogs and throw your laptop away for real freedom. (Yes I did!)
and thankyou again for helping me to write my blog, which I only write when something pours out, rather like retching and probably of the same consistency.

p.s. I just enjoy reading your blogs, not all as some dive into detail or cannot get across what they want to say despite magnificent language.



Sometimes I wonder how much they really know? What is going on inside those tiny heads? You know, those little people who rush around with their skull deep between their shoulders staring at their feet with their thumbs jittering and chattering as if they spent a life picking tea leaves or getting the right bolt in the right hole before the thing, they don’t even know they are manufacturing, has moved down the line.


They bump into people, lampposts or post boxes, like little automatons, reminding me of a black and white documentary, so must have been a long time ago, of tiny little robots scuttling around so that scientists could convince themselves they were learning, the robots that is, that they were learning by rushing around like tiny spiders and colliding with walls or each other. The occasional object placed in their way to prove a heavily worked mathematical or statistical point. That through the experience of obstacles their tiny brains would learn at least some environmental behaviour.

Since silicone has become so expensive only the super-rich can afford any form of communications device which for years using simple laser surgery, have been placed within the ear, and even that is old fashioned as one company is actually growing comms into the shell of the ear itself. But who would have known that the repetitive behaviour of about ten decades would be so ingrained, the greys even step off walkways or pavements into traffic, are flattened by those lorries that carry about 20 containers, literally flattened, “pancaked” one old fella said. I must ask him what pancakes are? Cakes made in a pan perhaps? Anyhow, little grey people dying or badly injured, ghoulishly scuttling around, probably never even seeing the sky! And those nasty twitching digits. The old man said they all think they are playing a game, well, all I can say is I am glad I wasn’t born in a time when THAT was considered fun!

why are there people out there who simply cannot relate to others? Even with the gift of the internet, where it doe not matter how beautiful or ugly you are and every degree between your physicality, personality, character or ability. You are you.

Why is this a competition to attract, (wait I have to go stir the porridge), attract with either, words, images or even music? To have a ‘better’ web site, the most visited?

I would rather, when finished admiring a song, (and maybe sharing) new Navy deck photos, and your words pressed to the screen, go and see what cakes are baking in the north of England or what someone has been doing with their daughter home from abroad or how a graduate psychologist feels or what stories she has after driving a tourist trolley all day? Because its real.

The snipers, the gossipers , the chatterers, if you want your inability to appreciate reality, keep it. If it keeps your mind flicking like an animation book, fine, but don’t involve the sane.


at every opportunity to write to thee
I cannot bring the stain to be
of ink on paper or on screen
for yours to be seen.
Curious, that ‘seen’ and ‘screen’
have not always been
of such close association.
Technology advances vision
by dot refreshing provision
disseminating all information,
binary packages reassembled
now even, on television.
But yesterday,
a pharmacist, of all professions,
could not supply, a price or receipt,
the screen could not achieve the feat!
Woe, because the machine hadn’t catalogued
categorised, calculated or computerised
what if the net be diminished?
The comment, when I suggested pen & paper?
“You know, my grandmother asked recently
when was the last time you wrote
a letter?”



Something that the now wide open door of communication leaves embedded are small carbon diamonds of connection beyond the everyday, impromptu, binary silicon handshakes. Our synapse log information, wanted or not.

Friends are found through intertwined threads forming the net. A subjective passage through idealistic spaces, not requiring the normally necessary unselfish tolerance of human faults or habits – for one may simply pull the plug and as eddies of bathwater, hours of contact conversation and enrichment spiral, swirl and vanish.

Stay inside your avatar shell. After hours of appreciation, interest and giving of ones golden self from within this untouchable wire cage, unless you are of stainless steel and can put reality aside. But most attachments remain as stains or delightful dye, which is so difficult to untie.

One is intoxicated with invoked, incomparable instances of incredible imagery, instigated initially by interaction with the internet. This is not a mere peripheral sighting. The woven web envelopes and is inclusive for those with the luxury of the fourth dimension – Time.

So is the web in place of: the lion slaying gladiator, the field or court sportsperson, the entertainer, the modern freak show? Even the culture of personality created by the unreal reality show? Even the writing and theatre of dissent all to keep the mob busy and quiet?

Then all this interconnection backfired and booted up the disorder .ini(tiation) file, on the streets of London and assisted spring rebellions. “Why”? asked a reporter of a London teenage girl “because they can”, she replied.

“I have this new phone, will you help me with it, because you are so smart”.

Smart huh? Long time since I have been called that. The phone race has replaced the Space Race! I have a deep like of clever design which falls naturally out of the barrel of my education, but have never been sucked into Apple’s plan to take over the world. No iPlayer or iPhone-like appliances in MY possession. Their design objective in relation to marketing of product is "come up with something new", to create "gadget want" to leave our existence somehow wanting, you MUST keep up with the crowd, – “but darling the Jones’s have got one”!

I still have a flip-open Motorola Razr (a Star Trek reality) that sits comfortably in my jean back pocket. I just want a phone for emergencies with a calendar that plays a jazz tune when I should go to next appointment or post a birthday card. Texting is the only advantage the mobile phone brought, so I can send a kiss to my beloved every time United score. It’s currency converter says I pay  $11 or 7 quid aPrint month for it and its enough !

EVEN Motorola is chasing and sent me this link in an email recently despite asking them not to update me on products – grrrrr, Yeah but is it ME proof? They too must stay in the race despite the functional, hand-size, comfortable, communications interface still working perfectly they have already provided. Sometimes perfection in relation to function can peak out ! In the future I will not be able to replace my phone with an identical one because they will “not be making them any more”.

“pleeeease beam me up Scottie”


… of the most important tools of visualisation is drawing.

I am not concerned that nurseries are not introducing children to hand and finger manipulation to express themselves, or the knowledge and understanding of colours and the tactile media they are presented with. Most importantly, of course, their hand/mind co-ordination, necessary for the lightest or  firmest of grip to touch, hold and lift anything for the next potential sixty plus years. Rather the drawing skills among ten year olds onward are vanishing, technical drawings by hand almost unheard of. Even drawing to domestic screens with stylus is rare.

I am worried that the ability to imagine a three dimensional object stereoscopically in one’s minds eye then rotate it, take it to pieces, modulate it and even mutate it to a functional object mentally, is lost to most. Now the ‘creative’ child or teenager is becoming dependant on the machine visualising for them. The best ideas really were scribbled on napkins or envelopes. I am writing this now, on paper before transferring it through the keyboard, even that is rapidly being pursued by the audio command and dictation software writer.

At 11 years old, I started several years of technical drawing (T.D.) and art classes beside the basics. Performing tasks which are now instant at the touch of a key or stylus or more difficultly by a computer mouse. I was lucky desk top publishing software was on the market when I graduated as a Graphic Designer, so witnessed the process of change from both sides, the old and the new. The ability to visualise three dimensionally is a skill used by all, most importantly when driving, thinking about the length of your vehicle within a tight space particularly. I am most worried that the ability to draw and express oneself, even if it is only to stave off boredom, will be lost. I am assured, for instance, that cartoons and comics will never vanish, but already the uniformity of computer line drawing, filling in and the grading of colour and texture because of the way pixels interlace is producing a similarity that defeats individual talent and identity.

Getting hands on the control interface and the 2D screen is leaving pencils and pens redundant when not only the ability but the pleasure to realise a potential idea and note it for further use or even rush it to the drawing board or screen is being sapped away by the latter. I have a good mind to photograph this page for my blog!

I am stuck with the habit of writing in capital letters, because it is fast for me. It happened because I was taught and advised to write all printer’s instructions this way so there were no disputable misunderstandings. So that if 10,000 copies were printed in the wrong colour after client’s proofed work, a printer could forget about invoicing me. I have read recently of illegible handwriting by those leaving school with only keyboard skills.

This pen is slipping and sliding a little on this glossy paper because I am recycling an old book as a memo pad. It was a book design mock-up, which had to be a centimetre thick. Can you imagine a text instruction from a mobile phone to a professional printer defining the weight and texture of the paper to be used let alone the colour mark-ups, resulting in every poster in a country announcing the name of a famous company, misspelt and logotype in the wrong colour? That is the other potential of drawing or writing in these penstrokes (the spellcheck can’t find penstrokes incidentally)! My scrawl gives up its mistakes faster than something that is not in a database and therefore paradoxically hiding, beautifully displayed in a uniform tidy typeface but wrong. My hand writing is a form of drawing remember, and its personalised, unique.

Philosophers such as George Berkeley and David Hume, and early experimental psychologists such as Wilhelm Wundt and William James, understood ideas in general to be mental images, and today it is very widely believed that much imagery functions as mental representations (or mental models), playing an important role in memory and thinking. Some have gone so far as to suggest that images are best understood to be, by definition, a form of inner, mental or neural representation. In the case of hypnagogic and hypnapompic imagery, it is not representational at all. Others reject the view that the image experience may be identical with (or directly caused by) any such representation in the mind or the brain, but do not take account of the non-representational forms of imagery.

…..reading two separate, unrelated, articles in the weekend newspaper, the Saturday Times, one about a mother who went to a therapist for help with her relationship with her teenage son, the other an edited extract from a book called ‘You and Me: the Neuroscience of identity’ by Baroness Greenfield a Professor of Pharmacology, I noticed an overlapping of information.
The mother points out that her teenage son forgets everything all of the time and is almost told off by a therapist who specialises in family relationships:
“He is a teenager, his brain isn’t wired properly yet”. The therapist explains that at the heart of all parents problems with teenagers is that most don’t really understand the working of the teenage brain. She says there are enormous changes going on in the teenage brain. The brain is essentially becoming unwired, which means their decision-making skills go haywire and adult empathy levels are not there. She also points out that this “un-wiring”, where the brain disconnects from the frontal cortex, means that teenagers are genuinely forgetful and also tend to be more prone to taking risks.
Susan Greenfield writes: There is one alarm bell ringing which suggests that increasing two-dimensional screen existence may be having undesirable effects.
…..This could possibly be that if the young brain is exposed from the outset to a world of fast action-reaction, of instant new screen images flashing up with each press of a key, then such rapid interchange might lead to a shorter attention span….
…..The emphasis in most computer games is on the sensory laden thrill of the moment. An increase in physiological arousal can be linked to excessive release of the brain chemical dopamine. Could the screen experience be tilting the ancient balance in favour of the more infantile, senses-driven brain state. We also know that excessive recklessness is linked to the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain only becomes mature in late teens or early twenties. When this area is damaged patients take a high degree of risk. We know too that dopamine suppresses the activity of neurons in the prefrontal cortex.
… is worrying that in a recent study from China of internet addicts there was a strong degree of correlation between months of addiction and significant atrophy in key parts of the brain. as revealed in scans. If we live perpetually in the present moment, could one stark and extreme possibility be that, in the end, such people may have simply no identity?
I apologise to the authors for the heavy editing but I wanted some of my friends to see this.


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…….do you know what Facebook has done?

it has melted the icesheet, that layer we all used to peer through,

wondering if there was really life on the other side.

Now the layer is crystal clear. Cable, satellite, wireless, whatever,

has meant that the initial barrier is gone.

We have lost, bashfulness, shyness, the holding hands, face to face

I’m going to ask him/her tonight stage. The guessing stage,

the then…….. knowing stage, the ice breaking stage !

Now is my perfect partner an avatar ?!?


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Its actually over a year since the icons or ‘buttons’ so well designed and well used on other mail software if not software, have been missing from Hotmail let alone Live Mail.

Simplicity may have been a demand of the user consultation but they must have been pretty ancient as nearly a generation and a half have now, been ‘reading’ icons on screens of ever decreasing size for 20 years.  I was almost relieved to find the uproar on complaint posts; basically asking,
Where the hell are my icons! Why words?
As a designer I can assure Microsoft, that Mackintosh’s invention of icons is now universally used for good reason because logos and symbols are the essence of brain reaction speed!
I will light a candle immediately and meditate for your speedy recovery Microsoft because you are visually, driving people away.



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good grief!, these sites are a lot of hard work!…. But I suppose if  they give pleasure to the creators, if they somehow allow them to feel connected to the wider world or even enjoy those little gold stars or head pats we give one another through comments, like small children returning from school with some magical school project to show parents or guardians, then why not.

I needed spaces more before, but (and at this moment in cyberspace this is only an apology to about a half a dozen people), I am fading now and seem to have less and less time for this web-site which according to my Nuero-Psychiatrist is a good thing! (If you are epileptic you apparently need to have consultations with specialising psychiatrists because of the compromised position one finds oneself in, and the heavy side-effects of the medication of course) Apparently swimming is far better for me.

Most of us need that sort of thing, the constant back patting, the reassurance of even the whispered positivity of friends, the highly rated professional probably needs it more than anyone else. Sportspersons are the most obvious, those without managers and trainers have the most difficult time, they need to constantly tell themselves that what they are doing is for good reason and a high, worthy objective. The artist, constantly needs reassurance that his movie, or his play, his photograph, his acting or his poetry are of a standard that gives some recognition to their very existence as reputation is everything. Then there are the successful in business, and the higher echelons of politics bound together since time began. All chattering positivities at the right moments and measuring their successes by bank balances, taxes paid or unpaid I suppose, or votes gained or lost wether in boardroom, market or electorate.

Just like spaces, did I get a visit to my little poll booth today? Did anyone vote? Did anyone spoil the ballot paper? Did anyone leave a little gold star, a pearl, a kiss. Even the reassurance that I have followed the right football team for yet another season matters, is a reassurance, a confidence booster. I am a Champion again!

  Facebook founder leads Agenda Setters – tech

Mark Zuckerberg, the 23-year-old founder and CEO of social networking site, Facebook, has been named the most influential person in tech for 2007.
Zuckerberg topped’s sister site’s eighth annual 2007 Agenda Setters poll, which rates which tech leaders are making the biggest impact.

laptop lobotomy

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O boy am I mad, angry at a company who waves shiny offerings across gleaming pages and screens then when the exquisite object turns up – it bluescreens to oblivion!!!!!

A bluescreen for the non-nerd is a warning screen that comes up on your computer when something is REALLY wrong, a blue background with white writing which flashed across my screen when I first powered up the beautiful red computer, no not toybox red! A deep ruby red cover, the surface of which felt like leather, the rest of the laptop was silver, everything, keys too with engraved lettering, so this blue/white flash on screen was nothing. How could it be? On this hyper-powerful enlarged capacity three quarter of a grand plus piece of enhanced technology? But within 10 minutes I knew it was going back to the manufacturer and I wanted a replacement!!!!

The thing was so ‘enhanced’, it took the internal diagnostic, set off with the help of the Technical Team, 16 hours to run!!! A hardware test that occasionally needed responses from me – but I was going to bed! It was like having to sit up with a new born baby who needed tests to confirm it had two heads! It died I told them, blue screen warning after blue screen warning with the software fighting back wanting to recover system failure, check the hard disk for ‘uncertainties’ and finally spiraling down to ‘unreconcilable’ and then ‘unrecoverable’ error! The diagnostic program said everything was OK next morning?

So……one more time please, bang, blue screen, system failure and I did not even bother to read any more after providing Tech Support with the Technical Information of other warning screens, ***stop: 0x00000124 (0x00000000, 0x841C4868, 0xB6200004, 0x00080A01) for example?? It went straight back in the fancy plastic bag and then the polystyrene protection and then the box and then the second plastic bag, gaffer taped and will be picked up next Tuesday.

Replacement sir? May take up to 2 months because of shortages of glass for screens, such worldwide component shortages are effecting all suppliers sir. And I was so good I did not throw it out of the window! Not a chance of a refund if I want a replacement as it is the same as making a new order, of course if sir wanted the present machine repaired that would be much quicker we could send an engineer to you with certain components and perhaps resolve the problem sir. And I am being so good, I have not yet mentioned the departments phoning up 3 days later to ask if the damned thing has been delivered? The shower of emails from staff in India and Ireland wanting to know if I needed further assistance in resolving my case, for which each issued a case no. 20070820205606435, the phone calls not returned or made as promised. And most of all how every time someone did call back it was always someone different or I got shuffled around 4 departments because there was obviously a message flashing on their screens: ***PROBLEM*** ***PROBLEM*** ***PROBLEM***! 

……………….I wish there was something flashing on MY screen embedded in the polystyrene and cardboard next to me as I write this and if anything else happens the company’s name and this will be emailed to every mag that carries their ads……………..I have already begin suffering some interest on my credit card for it as well, this gorgeous ruby, that is as functionally useful as a tea tray.



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I have spent days fighting with the software that allows me to see a Space or blog, but no chance and its all Microsoft software I can’t see friends spaces but have discovered that if you are using Windows Live Writer to compose pages on your machine first before posting to one’s space, everything works fine -DUH???

Even though I can’t see it, without downloading page after page to my machine, posting still works using this beta software. My friends may be happy to know I can keep up to date with them if I hooked an RSS feed if it was available, to their site. I cannot see the beautiful, graphic design layout skills of my friends but the RSS does put on a live page, your thoughts and photographs. So you are still stuck with me. I think the actual answer is that MS don’t want me. They have given me instructions on how to solve the problem (which I had already tried) but I think somefile, somewhere is corrupt, because any other site is problem free. If its got the word spaces in the address, I can forget it, weird thing was I was even acquiring lurkers.

So, lets see if you get this paranoid moan!

Surfin’ Spaces

Posted: March 26, 2007 in Computers and Internet

can be a bit daunting, a lot of very unattractive ladies posing semi-naked as if naked, if you know what I mean. A lot of foul language too………….

…………well its cool and street wise to use language that an American  gangster would be proud of, think of the number of stand-up comedians who HAVE to $£"!*&^?@ to sound as if they have a working person’s agenda or politics. Or that they have an "attitude". Bad language on such a scale usually denotes an inability to express yourself and if you listen or read it out loud, no really try it! you can hear the frustration, wether they are attempting to verbally beat a subject to death or tongue-whip somebody into submission, the reality is they ain’t got the words or the guts to use far more dangerous language, words that really perforate, penetrate and hurt.

Unfortunately with Spaces it looks like I am going to have to take the content control back up to ICRA3:

  • disallowing content that creates feelings of fear, intimidation, etc. only in artistic, medical, educational, sports or news context
  • No incitement/depiction of discrimination or harm in any context
  • No abusive or vulgar terms, no profanity or swearing, no mild expletives in any context
  • No bare buttocks, breasts or genitals in any context

This of course, will limit who I see in Spaces and the NET, I can hear people thinking but what else is the Internet for, or at least that is how many blogs seem. But there are some interesting spaces out there, got about 10 now, some are hilarious some very sombre but interesting, and some have not a word of english on them but they are more interesting than the bad mouthed Space maker claiming that such ranting on line saves someone else from violence?

In the real world if someone starts swearing at me, I have learnt to shut up and say "I am sorry, do forgive me, I agree with you" and bow a lot, especially when there a lot of others around it drives the aggressor mad. But in South London for over 20 years it has only seriously happened once, as I believe the best way to be happy is to give happiness in the form of simple help or relief and respect.

No I am not a saint and I don’t wanna be one and yeah I do swear usually when I hurt myself.

  • Totally offline and looking at my space page as I write this, it doesn’t gather up all the modules and shows you the complete layout but background and blog column will do me fine.
  • Publishes to web when I am happy, this will save a few deletions!
  • Windows Live Writer is winning on this machine. Thankyou MS, but how do you change the colour of the bullets to match the text?

Micro Soft

Posted: March 26, 2007 in Computers and Internet

I have spent most  of my day trying to figure out how to format writings and images in this "space" which does not acknowledge that I have IExplorer 7 and  even stops me putting paragraph spaces in the meagre contributions I make here. I hit a brick wall very hard.

I am not a hack or techno just a graphic designer  who has been using computers since 1986, And after almost ten years I have found a software that wraps text around images with a click, (DTP software has priced itself out of the home or the available is terrible with typography and I do want this to be visually styled in some way, particularly verse lines. 

Well after downloading .NET Framework and then Windows Live Writer (Beta) lets see what happens? For all my friends who have probably got this already anyway, or maybe not if this is a beta (experimental, unpolished) software. And what I see so far there is the possibility one can write the raw text, and then format to one’s heart’s content offline, yup on your own desktop then post the finished product to your space, I hope this looks as good as it sounds and spaces becomes a little more attractive, besides what I write needs the illumination of typographical shape and illustrations. So let’s see……

reading (Vista) manuals

Posted: February 10, 2007 in Computers and Internet

I have been fighting for the last hour to upload a "wow" photo to the Vista site, but server error keeps popping up. It was only the eagle picture (on this space) which is a shot that clinches modern London for me.
Try as I might I don’t seem to be able to understand why the complexities of windows have not been abandoned by Microsoft, we all know the majority of computer users will have no idea what to do with one line of code. Functionality does not seem to have risen above the mire of advanced software, why can’t they get it through their heads that simplicity of use is enjoyment and also productivity even for the private user. I was trained as a designer, to put usability first, a good example of software that got it right was Pagemaker authored by Abode which died away, despite being the visually best problem solver for desk-top publishing with an emphasis on Typography used by professionals but easy to use for the home user. For one reason, everything you designed, a letterhead or a complete book was visible on the page!
Even this blog I am typing without the typeface or paragraph format visible on screen, just the raw text as in the days of word processing, remember those?
Well I hope Microsoft Vista proves me wrong and its massive code enables the lightest of users to assemble on screen what they want to see when the accompanying software houses give up their offerings, listening Abode, because I don’t want to spend my life reading manuals!!!