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We all of us cling to the truth as we construct it, and we resist alternatives that challenge the construction.”

Daniel Finklestein
Published in The Times 12.01am July 9 2014

I visited Joe Seeber’s blog today, out of courtesy, he follows me apparently.
It is a classic, the comment I left got so long it turned into this blog,
so his techniques must work I suppose, except I have never seen or read them and here is the reason why…

”Manifest my own reality…………..”?

“I mostly read personal development books as l am on a strict regimen of always improving myself as a person and offering as much value to the world."
I hope Joe’s self-esteem and confidence gains some ground because anyone pretentious enough to offer to guide others without knowing the way, grasping at other’s maps and trying to live the american dream of making money out of everything is not the dream of the majority.
Joe says don’t worry about others, do it your way. "Does your blog make the cut?" He presents himself as Judge, jury and hangman? Who put you in those positions over my little blog that does not have many visitors, but therefore, does keep the nest buzzing and here and there some honey for WordPress. Even I paid them to take the ads off one blog because the ads were so poor.
What about action Joe? -Why not take your improvement skills and GO and sort out the world’s eating problems, help starving people get hold of the tons of food dumped every night by supermarkets in the developed world. (That is reality not a left wing complaint). Help the obese lose weight and save them from diabetes. Make training videos of how to handle money better instead of blogs and throw your laptop away for real freedom. (Yes I did!)
and thankyou again for helping me to write my blog, which I only write when something pours out, rather like retching and probably of the same consistency.

p.s. I just enjoy reading your blogs, not all as some dive into detail or cannot get across what they want to say despite magnificent language.



…..reading two separate, unrelated, articles in the weekend newspaper, the Saturday Times, one about a mother who went to a therapist for help with her relationship with her teenage son, the other an edited extract from a book called ‘You and Me: the Neuroscience of identity’ by Baroness Greenfield a Professor of Pharmacology, I noticed an overlapping of information.
The mother points out that her teenage son forgets everything all of the time and is almost told off by a therapist who specialises in family relationships:
“He is a teenager, his brain isn’t wired properly yet”. The therapist explains that at the heart of all parents problems with teenagers is that most don’t really understand the working of the teenage brain. She says there are enormous changes going on in the teenage brain. The brain is essentially becoming unwired, which means their decision-making skills go haywire and adult empathy levels are not there. She also points out that this “un-wiring”, where the brain disconnects from the frontal cortex, means that teenagers are genuinely forgetful and also tend to be more prone to taking risks.
Susan Greenfield writes: There is one alarm bell ringing which suggests that increasing two-dimensional screen existence may be having undesirable effects.
…..This could possibly be that if the young brain is exposed from the outset to a world of fast action-reaction, of instant new screen images flashing up with each press of a key, then such rapid interchange might lead to a shorter attention span….
…..The emphasis in most computer games is on the sensory laden thrill of the moment. An increase in physiological arousal can be linked to excessive release of the brain chemical dopamine. Could the screen experience be tilting the ancient balance in favour of the more infantile, senses-driven brain state. We also know that excessive recklessness is linked to the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain only becomes mature in late teens or early twenties. When this area is damaged patients take a high degree of risk. We know too that dopamine suppresses the activity of neurons in the prefrontal cortex.
… is worrying that in a recent study from China of internet addicts there was a strong degree of correlation between months of addiction and significant atrophy in key parts of the brain. as revealed in scans. If we live perpetually in the present moment, could one stark and extreme possibility be that, in the end, such people may have simply no identity?
I apologise to the authors for the heavy editing but I wanted some of my friends to see this.

Hi guys, long time no type, very busy last 18 months and usually too tired to come and diarise or write my dreadful poetry. I think that was an apology?

I arrived here and found a hundred invitations to view underwear or worse, so blocking and deletion was first job, incidentally why should I want to talk to someone if they will show me their sexy photos or compliment unsavoury characters? (I can’t help thinking that facebook saga has more to do with the Simpsons sense of humour than freedom of speech).

I wish they would get a life or at least be brave enough to go out and show their photos or underwear to someone face to face, oh no, no that would be breaking out of the protective shell these websites seems to provide. So many people seem to need almost continental spacing  between their friends. I thought Spaces was about talking to people on other continents or at least in other cities you would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet!

Anyhow, ranting aside, please take a look at the “Regeneration” photographs and I hope they are self explanatory, laboriously over documented but I hope I have relieved you of any duplicates and a savage edit is to come!

Then some DVD making for mum who is always the first receiver and critic as she lives a couple of hundred miles away and is fairly immobile now! I have a brother in Brazil and a brother in Israel working, resident in France so they are next on list, I am wondering if I can link it on here? I have done the intro screens as you will see. Next is resident interviews and residents representatives exhausted opinions to overlay on slide show images and some video. To chain it all together.

I am so pleased because one of our “Regen team” was elected as a local Councillor at last election and is a neighbour, so he knows from personal experience the problems we have had to fight for so long. Thankyou to a decade of local Councillors and the Hon. Member of Parliament, Tessa Jowell and her colleagues who put in place the necessary policy because they acknowledged the poor state of the country’s housing stock. We have lost Tessa because constituency boundaries have been moved (not because she was not re-elected). She was the Minister who led the Olympics bid, who always had time for grassroots stuff, so she has my great admiration, but ain’t we glad we got it done before these slashers got in !!!

Please remember you are not looking  at a cliché Council Estate but housing of ‘mixed tenancy’ in bureaucrats words, and to help finance all the works done to every property about 50 abodes have to be sold, a 2 bedroom apartment recently sold at £110,000 ! I am so pleased its nearly all over having received legislation details from Tessa in 1998, campaigned as Chair, then more in the background, association with a national organisation, then back with The Estate Regeneration Team, because consultation was the core of the legislation as it should be, as people had to live in their homes while these improvements were done and beyond.

…..and now I have repapered, repainted and carpeted every surface in my place for good measure not only for me, but why is it she doesn’t understand why SHE could be my source of motivation?

Click on link to go to 1st folder!4163



Its a shame……………..

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……..that you do not share anything on your Spaces site but then if you only want to chat on a dating/social networking basis, I guess you are just lonely, or don’t get enough company of the sort you desire?  If that is your photograph I am sure there are enough guys around.

Spaces is a bit different, people just waffle on about what they did with the kids, or grand children or even produce so remnants of decent poetry among the reams of sickly stuff. They talk about reality as a form of escapism by unloading.

The real shame is I probably have enough sensuality for both of us and control to make each day a new adventure, but I am 50 with a disability and I am sure you would not give me a second look on your beach!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and find the right being who lights your day despite how bad you may be feeling or how much you need someone to talk to, or cuddle or whatever your thing is and thankyou for writing my blog today,

written in response to invitation ‘to chat’ at an obvious dating address and, unfortunately, lascivious User Name


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I struggle up the path I’ve been allocated. Which for the lateral, creative that I am is a sterile place to be, as playing in the fields with you I’d rather be.

But fields also give the arrogant, the realm for dispute and after the struggle and wrecking, that is where the poppy leaves were seen blowing through the well-fertilised soil of northern France and Belgium by a Canadian Officer I am given to understand. That is why this humble cornflower was adopted.
But, apparently, even today, tilling these rich fields turns up not bones but the metal teeth of death, which are left by the roadside for disposal.
90 years cannot rot the unexploded shell buried, deep in the land.

The problem lies deep, ‘if you will not do as I say I will destroy you because I have that power’ – not – ‘can we sit down and come up with some alternatives, some different ways of doing this’!

That was my training as a designer, which is why I have never understood wars of any kind or scale as anything more than futile. I have lost relatives, some I never met, because of the “Great War to end all Wars”. I understand a country must have a respected, defending force for its land, because of the lunacy in the world.

But when will there be a a simple, universal understanding that the politician, dictator, general or whoever declares a war upon whoever, whatever, whenever, is simply insane!

The people entering into this universal compact? The civilians and their military forces of the world. Declare war on drug dealers, fraudsters on the stock markets, if we were an artillery brigade our sergeant would be weeping at how off target we really are as a civil?-isation. Yes, I remember who we have lost but would they be proud of the freedom UK provides today?


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I am sitting here listening and watching a man wearing a green spacesuit spraying a grey concoction at the walls of the Council block opposite. Isn’t it amazing how politicians, bureaucrats and even past local representatives (neighbours) think the colour of the brickwork is of far more importance than the immediate safety of the wiring, the hygiene of the waste disposal, the security of the vulnerable who live here let alone the energy wastefulness of these pre second world war red brick housing estates dotted around London?
They were built as a final solution to the East End slums, a campaign begun by charitable souls with lots of money and influence who realised that healthy and happier workers made better products, back in the 19th century. Now here we are making 70 year old apartment blocks, or flats as we call them here in Britain, look pretty, before even fixing the draughts from windows and doors for the elderly and the ill, on a very windy hillside!
I hope not too much is being cut from budgets as the contractor stutters along? Windows are what people always asked for because of the lack of insulation here and apparently as original carpenters would have faced, each hole in the wall is so different that each thermal glass window is having to be tailored to fit somewhere in Europe and delivered to site! We are so looking forward to being warm Councillor! The compressor is starting up again and the spaceman is back I will stop complaining about progress and "Regeneration" now because I cannot hear myself think, besides I should be grateful shouldn’t I?


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…..its as if we have come to a waterhole to drink, but are frozen in contemplation when we see the image of ourselves created by the comments of others.

I have blogged this because it was not only humorous but SO true!

‘Forget about measuring a person’s success through their good deeds or parenting skills; according to a survey this week, most people gauge another person by the kind of work they do.  The poll, which asked more than 1,000 people how they rated a person’s achievements, revealed that after the job, house, neighbourhood and friends were all rated as good indicators of success.

Asked what job they thought carried most kudos, "entrepreneur" came out top; "accountant" came bottom. However, psychologists say that thinking of success in these terms may be bad for us. They say that a preoccupation with the achievements of yourself and others can adversely affect your emotional health.

So, forget about the neighbour’s new promotion or your brother-in-law’s spanking new Porsche and start enjoying your life.’

found in Body & Soul section!

Christmas IS COMING……….

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I visited Witchy Woman’s space today and was inspired by what she had written: Sunshine and Christmas, interesting polarisation with such literate expression! Sorry about that I sort of challenged myself to write a sentence with long words in it. Anyhow, I introduced myself and told Witchy Woman I liked reading her ‘ramblings’ and that I thought that culture was the answer to the question floating in the background of her blog today.

The reason the majority of people in northern Europe lost their skin pigment was lack of sun, so while reading the opening of her blog I was wondering ‘have we been depressed for thousands of years, at least back to the last couple of Ice Ages!’ Then she lightened her mood with the thought of Christmas. Yes it is coming, I must admit with the arrival of the UNICEF catalogues I had thought of presents, but the real reason I wanted to comment there was that gifts are not necessarily appreciated.

Is that because we take Christmas for granted? It is a cultural and religious assembly of the tribe, once a year, your tribe may even include friends in this period, but after trying so hard to get the right, useful, functional presents for my dear friends and family for over 20 years, two years back, I received virtually nothing.

No I don’t give to receive! But this was noticeable, so the following year I had an idea, I gave all the card and present money to UNICEF, who sent cards to a list of normal present receivers I provided. (Don’t worry still got stuff for my nephews and friends kids).

Come January, not a word, English politeness prevails. So, as it is alright with them I am going to do the same this year and just buy mum a Harrods hamper online deal. Yes, I was surprised that they were in my price range so an aunt and mom now have beautiful wicker flower stands. The gathering might be the next thing to tackle I am wondering about blowing all my savings on a winter cruise, I am sure they won’t miss me.

 I hope Witchy Woman has a wonderful Christmas, I was licking my lips at the thought of her Christmas cake and all the things we buy for December, I must find out this year the details of the local folklore of this festival before the Romans arrived, tied it in with one of their festivals and then finally a Christian Emperor told his empire we will celebrate the birth of his prophet, savior, Lord as you prefer.

Thank you Witchy Woman, you have inspired my blog, almost completely written in your comment dialogue window and looking around, it is a nice place to be inspired, so I do hope she will be a friend of mine.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Witchy Woman’s space


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 I love Annie Lennox! Because of the incredible voice power and tone subtlety, and she has recorded quite a few reality songs, instead of wallowing in virtuality like most pop stars, singing about something completely abstract – like love.
Not much hope for me huh, but love is something unique to two people, sure there are similarities to be compared but no one will know how I feel, for instance, about Valerie after a day in the sand dunes, a unique time for two unique people.
No I am not talking about a sexual encounter and no one will know how I felt when Catherine slipped her hand into mine as we walked to the restaurant for a first date, thats why lyrics in poetry and music always have to generalise in some way to meet the market’s needs I suppose. Write me a song about unique experience of waking to see Suzie’s face and only I could understand it.
(Should I blog this Penny?)

  A mother trying to gain some support from a Government Department briefed to only give up money as a very last resort, who has a disabled son!


Here we go again! not happy! every disabled child counts?….

…..Ironic really that the morning after yesterdays post concerning Every Disabled Child Counts I get the results of the DLA claim for Kyle because of his epilepsy…and guess what? They said no!!! shouldn’t come as a surprise really considering what I’ve been through with them already with my Autistic son. But what did astound me was how quick they were to say no..two days thats all it took…which means they never even contacted his GP or specialist! 
They are renowned for saying no when they think you’ll just go away…one of the reasons people don’t claim this benefit is coz they don’t think they will get it in the first place. Apparently it is ok for my son to go out unsupervised, despite the unpredictable nature of his seizures and the fact that having one when he is on his own may end up being fatal….
I’ve already been on the phone to them to listen to their "decision makers" reasons as to why not, and it all boils down to the infrequency of the attacks…despite the fact there is a point of law which contradicts their reasoning…so the next step is a reconsideration of the claim in which I have to submit these points of law…"Moran vs The Secretary of State for social services as reported in R(A)1/88"
I’m not a bleedin lawyer but I haven’t half had to learn some stuff to get us through…which I should not have to be doing, got enough on my plate as it is.
If the reconsideration fails, which I am fully expecting then its back to the appeal tribunal….give me strength, or alternatively just SHOOT ME..

What a difference

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"A lot of bloggers seem to be just moaning so my finger has hovered over the delete key several times recently" – I have just read that on a ‘space’ and yes we do unload here but there is plenty of mirth and cleverness to balance that! and classically the funniest stuff comes from the seemingly most troubled. There was also a childish tone of "I am leaving!", and I don’t think the blog world will be missing much quite frankly, besides this person was missing the point; this is not a place for competitiveness, super creativity, we are simply reading each others daily, weekly, monthly, journals, (most learning about website design in the process). There are very few V.I.P.’s here, just everyday people writing about everyday things.

And that is a blog’s primary function, not to be necessarily "cool" or "well done" it is about the little incidents in life, you want more then go and surf political, Hollywood, specialist websites, get your kicks elsewhere. We are just a bunch of people chatting while waiting at a bus stop, and then the buses all come at once……. 

Batchelor’s Cup-a-Soup

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"a warm hug in a jug"

told you I would find it, now all we have to do is find out if Batchelors ever made and sold (like the nodding insurance dog) any legless hairy torso that jumps on you and gives you a big hug,

So this link should take you straight to the ad

I wanted to get it on the blog but gotta subscribe AND pay for it!!!

In the process of searching I discovered these things at Aroma Home Hot Hugs – Cuddly Kingdom, no I don’t get commission!!! I never realized how technically advanced hugging was, you bung these in a microwave and these furry things are warm and even smell nice, I am thinking touch and texture?

Link to Aroma Home Hot Hugs – Cuddly Kingdom


As I am epileptic and a Graphic Designer and know all about MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)scans, believe me I have traveled 100’s of miles for the privilege to be inside one of these things so that someone could try and determine what was wrong with my grey matter. I had to blog this. I could not justifiably edit article, so here it is in full. The copyright of course belongs only to the Times Newspaper and Angela Palmer, if you can go to her exhibition please do and if not then please visit her website, its worth it, the link is below.
Angela Palmer’s first scientific inspiration came from viewing the Nobel prize-winner Dorothy Hodgkin’s model of penicillin at the History of Science Museum, in Oxford. Struck by how such a simple object – made from Perspex – could demonstrate such a complex subject, Palmer vowed to put a similar design principle to work in her art.
She was studying at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in Oxford and soon had the chance to draw the corpses in the dissection rooms. Her interest in human anatomy led her to contact Stephen Golding, the head of radiology at the John Radcliffe Hospital, where she had a series of full-body MRI scans to look deeper at the human body.
Palmer layers images from MRI scans to produce a human “topography” of the body. The resulting ethereal etchings focus on the internal architecture of the body. “When you’re looking at a scan of me,” she says, “you could be looking at anybody and that’s what’s interesting. I didn’t want to distort my MRI portraits in any way. I wanted to be completely true to the scanner.”



Palmer, who was an award-winning journalist before she becoming a full-time artist, has a number of projects on the go, including one working with scientists and archaeologists to “uncover” an Egyptian child mummy through CT scans. Palmer, who completes her postgraduate degree at the Royal College of Art this year, says: “It enables us to recreate this child without disturbing him.”
Dr Chris Avery, an academic radiographer at John Radcliffe Hospital, worked with Palmer on the MRI sequences. He says: “This crossover between art and reality bridges the gap between science and art, making it more real to people.” He adds that it’s “rewarding to see your work transformed into another medium. It’s the finest accolade that your work is good enough to form the basis of something else”.
The MRI portraits will be at the Royal College of Medicine, London, from October 2007.
Go to Angela Palmer’s website




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Confucsed? try this site, the mother site has rune stone readings, tarot, Biorhythms or whatever – all sorts of fun and that’s the way to treat it.

(and can someone explain to me how I can set this daily Confusciousness up as a permanent daily item on my spaces site?)


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ying & yang, black & white, positive and negative, a beautiful, happy world can only be if balanced with ugliness & misery respectively.
Sunshine can only be measured against darkness and without the bad and everyone happy, how could they measure their happiness?
Just be grateful you know of happiness, most of the people in the ‘blogworld’ do seem to be trying to impress but I have found the majority trying to be online for one another.


But, although the other excellences of the drama besides this dramatic probability, as unity of interest, with distinctness and subordination of the characters, and appropriateness of style, are all, so far as they tend to increase the inward excitement, means towards accomplishing the chief end, that of producing and supporting this willing illusion

Source: The Tempest Essay at Absolute Shakespeare

Revered at last

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My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Earl Dave the Purple of Divine Intervention
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title


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"………..skinny, socially privileged, white people like to draw this neat little circle; everyone inside the circle is normal, everyone outside the circle should be beaten, broken and reset so they can be brought inside the circle. Failing that they should be institutionalised or worse, pitied".