. . . . ruby cloth

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Entertainment, Health and wellness, Poems, Sport

I remember many re-weavings
and fabric still evident.
Passageways and maze pathways
through forests of violent interception
or dumbstruck obstruction.
Woven with a magic grace
instilled from decades of search,
dye work and strengthening
intertwined with the magic
of instinct and genius.
Patterns of passes left on weft
with the yarn of practiced efficiency,
sometimes off-set by the cleverness
of determined obstacles in parallel
and damaged thread.
But overall a ruby cloth for entertainment
swelled by the liquid of finance
and worldwide wanted association.
Still using the same design for victory
the pinnacle for the least fanatical
reached so many times
in decades I have desperately needed
the expectancy, the euphoria and
the lift from my pit, of goals gained.
All designed by a Knight
called – Ferguson.


  1. dragonkatet says:

    I’m not entirely sure what cloth/penant/flag/coat of arms? to which you were referring, but your poem makes me curious enough to want to see it. 🙂


    • carpetbeater says:

      Manchester United Football Club’s shirt is red and take a look at the badge/logo! Disabled supporters club published it in their mag and passed it to Sir Alec Ferguson, to my amazement. Machester the city grew from the import, distribution, carding, spinning and weaving of cotton.


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