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Posted: March 12, 2012 in Computers and Internet, Media, Ramblings
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“I have this new phone, will you help me with it, because you are so smart”.

Smart huh? Long time since I have been called that. The phone race has replaced the Space Race! I have a deep like of clever design which falls naturally out of the barrel of my education, but have never been sucked into Apple’s plan to take over the world. No iPlayer or iPhone-like appliances in MY possession. Their design objective in relation to marketing of product is "come up with something new", to create "gadget want" to leave our existence somehow wanting, you MUST keep up with the crowd, – “but darling the Jones’s have got one”!

I still have a flip-open Motorola Razr (a Star Trek reality) that sits comfortably in my jean back pocket. I just want a phone for emergencies with a calendar that plays a jazz tune when I should go to next appointment or post a birthday card. Texting is the only advantage the mobile phone brought, so I can send a kiss to my beloved every time United score. It’s currency converter says I pay  $11 or 7 quid aPrint month for it and its enough !

EVEN Motorola is chasing and sent me this link in an email recently despite asking them not to update me on products – grrrrr, Yeah but is it ME proof? They too must stay in the race despite the functional, hand-size, comfortable, communications interface still working perfectly they have already provided. Sometimes perfection in relation to function can peak out ! In the future I will not be able to replace my phone with an identical one because they will “not be making them any more”.

“pleeeease beam me up Scottie”


  1. dragonkatet says:

    YAY! Another “hold out”! 🙂 Wow, I didn’t think I would ever meet someone else who still has a flip phone (took me until I was 33 to even GET a cell phone). As Spock would say, “Fascinating!”


    • carpetbeater says:

      Absolutely, why do you need to compute in your jean pocket, it can be sooooo messy. I don’t want my email 24/7! I don’t want an app that will help me slim and NOW watch TV?!!!!!!
      Yup still got my cool black motorola, with its plastic see through rain coat (I dropped one in a cup of coffee once).


  2. It’s frustrating sometimes, how before you manage to completely understand and rule the device you got, there is a new one already on the market with instructions similar to a mixture of a high hieroglyph and doctor’s prescription. I personally don’t like the way technology develops within seconds, leaving us, human beings from flesh and blood, breathless to catch with the innovations …


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