high tension electro-static separation

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Poems
After such a warm summer connection,
now this is a dark place, without feeling or awareness.
Just that creeping numbness
when energy’s comfort is drained.
Once vitality is lost,
overspent perhaps in our time together,
hours so brief because contact must be shattered
and doors stay swinging….
…..and you retreat
to a former life, through the surf waves
of our laughter, food and adventures,
to once again, transform and dry out.
Here are your life risks, your re-birth days,
re-charging, choices, decisions, new ways
and sunshine, not there !
Energy is generated here.
Like a child, I stamp and kick
because those relying on you
cannot let you through their dark hallways
and the fuse of ecstasy is tripped.
  1. Where are shadows there is light too and after every summer comes winter, only to make us appreciate the summer of next year, so the same goes for the dark hallways and the places we dream about!


  2. Sherry says:

    Great Poem Dave!Hugs


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