Regeneration, restoration, refurbishment?…… well they have to call it something

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Blogged It!

Hi guys, long time no type, very busy last 18 months and usually too tired to come and diarise or write my dreadful poetry. I think that was an apology?

I arrived here and found a hundred invitations to view underwear or worse, so blocking and deletion was first job, incidentally why should I want to talk to someone if they will show me their sexy photos or compliment unsavoury characters? (I can’t help thinking that facebook saga has more to do with the Simpsons sense of humour than freedom of speech).

I wish they would get a life or at least be brave enough to go out and show their photos or underwear to someone face to face, oh no, no that would be breaking out of the protective shell these websites seems to provide. So many people seem to need almost continental spacing  between their friends. I thought Spaces was about talking to people on other continents or at least in other cities you would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet!

Anyhow, ranting aside, please take a look at the “Regeneration” photographs and I hope they are self explanatory, laboriously over documented but I hope I have relieved you of any duplicates and a savage edit is to come!

Then some DVD making for mum who is always the first receiver and critic as she lives a couple of hundred miles away and is fairly immobile now! I have a brother in Brazil and a brother in Israel working, resident in France so they are next on list, I am wondering if I can link it on here? I have done the intro screens as you will see. Next is resident interviews and residents representatives exhausted opinions to overlay on slide show images and some video. To chain it all together.

I am so pleased because one of our “Regen team” was elected as a local Councillor at last election and is a neighbour, so he knows from personal experience the problems we have had to fight for so long. Thankyou to a decade of local Councillors and the Hon. Member of Parliament, Tessa Jowell and her colleagues who put in place the necessary policy because they acknowledged the poor state of the country’s housing stock. We have lost Tessa because constituency boundaries have been moved (not because she was not re-elected). She was the Minister who led the Olympics bid, who always had time for grassroots stuff, so she has my great admiration, but ain’t we glad we got it done before these slashers got in !!!

Please remember you are not looking  at a cliché Council Estate but housing of ‘mixed tenancy’ in bureaucrats words, and to help finance all the works done to every property about 50 abodes have to be sold, a 2 bedroom apartment recently sold at £110,000 ! I am so pleased its nearly all over having received legislation details from Tessa in 1998, campaigned as Chair, then more in the background, association with a national organisation, then back with The Estate Regeneration Team, because consultation was the core of the legislation as it should be, as people had to live in their homes while these improvements were done and beyond.

…..and now I have repapered, repainted and carpeted every surface in my place for good measure not only for me, but why is it she doesn’t understand why SHE could be my source of motivation?

Click on link to go to 1st folder!4163



  1. Poppy says:

    Great to read a blog from you Dave, just glad you are keeping well these days:) I will have a good look through your regeneration photos when I can, hope we can chat sometime. Take care x


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