Posted: May 30, 2009 in Poems


where are you?

I look everywhere

for the foundation, something solid

on which to plant four feet

and enjoy the sun

and yet we have hardly begun.


Your laugh echoes

disturbing my natural compass

my balance, my wanting,

the happy but ricocheting sound

defies the possibility

of the physical mobility


so that we can simply meet

in measured, metered ground,

that suits your needs.

Should I build this place?

Should I continue searching

and end this eternal floating?


Is that you, behind the sky

that is so impenetrably clouded

by the devils of others’ reality?

Then an opaque realisation;

your shadow glanced there

but again only fresh earth bare.


Where are your footprints

in my tiny sphere of reference?

Is that your dear, soft face,

in the shattered reflection

of my pooled teardrops.

Please find my arms and make this stop……………



  1. Sheena says:

    I hope your tears transform to smiling oneness with your beloved….as the others have said..a beautiful poem. Dave……………xx


  2. .. says:

    Very nice poem Dave. I wish I\’d be able to write poems but … ugh, no talent at all …hehe.Thank you very much for sharing it ! Take care and have a very nice week. Alex x


  3. penny says:

    That was really romantic, Dave.


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