Plane attack

Posted: May 9, 2009 in Health and wellness
A plane flew over my bed
this morning, at 5.42
and after emerging from
the euphoria of this dream,
I had to help it through
as a veteran seizure surfer


By saying NO! out loud
and clasping my face, to the
the writhing and the coming pace
of heartbeat matching
the 747’s rolling thunder


Sound absorbed and now part of me,
I physically hold this jet at bay
NO! it will not be that way,
as I look at the clock display,
…………and rapidly write on this paper


  1. Dreamwalker says:

    Sounds like you live under a flight path.. I\’m lucky all I hear is the dawn corus… I hope that your weekend went well.


  2. .. says:

    You\’re good !!! All is so vivid … I can see and hear everything !!!How do I write a poem about being waken up by a phone call I wish would\’ve never come? Please take good care of you my friend and see you in approx. 2 weeks. Have a wonderful weekend and all the best to you. Alex xxx


  3. penny says:

    That is very good, Dave. I was there, willing you to conquer!


  4. Sheena says:

    Can almost see the 747 and hear it…..@ 5.42am… blimey……I didn\’t have a jet to wake me up….so I awoke @ 9!!


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