where is Picasso’s heir?

Posted: April 23, 2009 in Ramblings


The integration of thought and feeling must find expression in some form of creativity, an outpouring in its actioning!
Securing or anchoring thoughts to paper before they are overcome by more practical tangents is a simple necessity, rapidly being extinguished in the age of telephony, that requires mobility but strangely not personal contact?
Staying on the perimeter of closest friends’ lives to retain: the fashionable, any moment contact, to appear ‘cool’ or ‘with it’, and even perhaps to attain ‘street credibility’, be accepted, even achieve equality of sorts with one’s peers, is apparently essential!
But the essence of constant availability for communication through accepted, if not embraced technology is wholly dependant on more and more isolation of the individual.
How often on the high street or in a nightclub, I wonder, does someone talk loudly to their mobile or cell phone or furiously thumb type messages to people who never answer or who simply do not exist, despite an overloaded SIM directory of contacts?
If all the energy devoted to communication, networking and interacting was applied to some form of creativity how many more great musicians, painters or writers would blossom and make so many other lives endurable. That is not a claim that art provides relief from super highway stress, but certainly provides pleasure and of course indirectly effects more practical creativity such as design, architecture or engineering etc
Is the heir’s line engaged?


  1. penny says:

    Hiya Dave. I can see where you are coming from, with this post but I am not sure creativity is being stunted by modern technology. The dexterity of those who text furiously, could indicate more a loss to the world of tradesmen who longer exist. I tend to blame our modern teaching methods for a general lack of artistic creativity, in this country. The dumbing down is escalating and creativity is almost frowned upon, with too heavy an emphasis placed upon statistics.


  2. Chris says:

    Hmmm… I agree, the world is lacking creativity (not so sure about Picasso though) but, there are the creative types out there – as you\’ve demonstrated with Sheena\’s poems. I\’m not sure that blaming technology (entirely) is the route of the demise. After all, almost every work of art is available to the majority of the developed world via the internet in some shape or form. However, the raw urge for youngsters to actually do something creative tends to fade after some form of digital media is applied. The "laziness" of creation is abundant I\’m afraid. I stand accused myself. He he.As for the Catholic Church (ex-pat) – I still find it amazing and at the same time pathetic that an organization as big as that quake in their boots at the thought of someone having a new idea. As you may gather, I\’m not a religious person and firmly believe that all religion is a money making act of ransoming based on untrue and impossible events that will govern your life by threatening you – after your death. Self explanatory really.CheersTCC


  3. .. says:

    I have to tell you about this very good friend of mine : chatting … he is super fun, intelligent, "sociable" young men. When I met him in person, I was shocked !!! He cannot communicate !!! Not even for 5 minutes !!! He\’s not able to look the person he\’s talking to in the eyes!!! Can you imagine that? He is chatting daily with tens of people and still … when outside his room and no PC, he\’s LOST !!! And this is how I had the final confirmation (I have read about it but couldn\’t believe iit) that many times, because of this advanced technology, some individuals are completed isolated. They completely lose that HUMAN TOUCH from their lives. What I find sad, is the fact that no matter how much I tried to reason w/him he wouldn\’t recognise the problem. Indeed so much loss … but I would say not only creativity, but human beings … transformed into NOTHING, really. Alex x


  4. Sheena says:

    I suppose some would say that the act of text-ing, emailing etc…connection through sterile \’toys\’ is a form of modern art in itself… and maybe as with you , through your blog….future \’heirs\’ may be born…..Phoenix from the ashes……………xx


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