Posted: February 24, 2009 in Ramblings

had a nice quiet birthday week, brother sent me a card with the wrong number on it! everybody sent me DVD’s, the echoed “we just don’t know what to get you” – from the most intellectual to the most trashy (all loved) of friends,….. so this place is now a relative cinema, maybe I should charge at the door?
In about 2 weeks there will be the slow but quiet enquiry, “that film we bought you Dave, was it any good”? “I was thinking of buying for myself” and other hints will be heaved. I’ll pretend I don’t realise they want to borrow it.
The other things were very expensive trash like a printed painting on a plate of my football team, (my very minimalist home doesn’t fit). and why did the ceramics people pick a guy who can’t paint!? oh!!! and the white and silver touch screen Su Doku game branded by a famous game show assistant, probably cost a fortune to look that bad!
One year someone will ask me for what I want and come up with the goods. Anyhow………..its pancake time!!!!
  1. Poppy says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to you Dave, and sorry I missed it too! I got fed up with stupid birthday presents last year so asked all my (small) family for money towards my new camera – it wasn\’t enough, but I made sure I got the rest pretty quickly!! This year I might ask them all to club together for a tripod lol, well at least I can get some use out of it!!! I hope you enjoyed your Birthday anyway, and the pancakes, ours were lovely, I bet I get asked for more today….lol Have a great week x


  2. penny says:

    Hiya Dave. I am so sorry I missed your birthday. At least you got presents…. it\’s a long time since I did! Happy Shrove Tuesday, Pen.


  3. Sheena says:

    DVD\’s eh?….ah the old maxim….."It\’s the thought that counts"…doesn\’t really help does it?….happy viewing…..and happy pancake eating………..but not too many…..think of the waistline eh?………….xx


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