Minnie & Mickey

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Poems
Today I have to letter type,
because of a Christmas bite.
No not of the cold, a tale of old,
of a chef who is always right!
A traditional set meal,
(not including service)
at a fixed price,
pre-chosen lobster from the ice,
and Christmas pud that’s nice.
You see the restaurateur,
to spare his staff,
wanted everything sorted,
pre-arranged, in advance.
“But its Christmas Sir”, he said to me,
as I pulled out my credit card,
‘transaction incomplete’,
while protesting that
the total was a little hard?
Because he’d cheffed at Disneyland
he seemed to think that I was Mickey
and couldn’t subtract deposits,
from receipts when I left with Minnie.
He still has my money to this day
because the banks and Amex,
are fighting hard just to hold on!
Its obvious from the phone,
they wish that I had none!
So a virtual service charge
of 50% IS a little steep!
This is not the Hilton chef,
this is reality now,
you are on the High Street!!

what do you think?

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