Shani (v2)

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Poems

Isn’t it superb how vision,

Touch and scent can fuse

In an instamatic moment

All blended – fixed.

Surprise is the key

To these memory frames

Glancing up, that shimmering white cloth

Polarized against your beautiful skin and hair

Easy as throwing a switch now,

That unexpected vision comes back

Your sun smile and my filling

With the reassurance that health

And confidence had returned.

I still know the position of

Thumb to the rest of my hand

On the top of your hip

As I held you at arms length

To admire your proud, absent weight

and our knowledge of your restored beauty.



  1. Sherry says:

    Nice poem Dave! Thanks for visiting. I hope you\’re doing well. Are you ready for Christmas? I\’m not hehe at least not yet.
    Take care


  2. penny says:

    That was lovely, Dave.  I have no idea why MSN took you off my friends list.  See ya, Pen.


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