Posted: December 2, 2008 in Ramblings

This is the time to find the bottom of your pockets

is a sentence that just came to mind,

in fact, to turn your pockets inside out and find every penny and even piece of fluff available, then spin it into something knittable and at least make a jumper for the poor!

Too severe?

Too extreme?

Why? At this time of year you should go for it, holiday and gather around you those you love and NOT play scrabble or monopoly or obey the one eyed monster.

Take them all to a pantomime or football match, a play or a concert. Do a restaurant. Too expensive? Get together with friends and relatives and have a party, share the weight. It will only NOT happen because you decide the glass is half empty.

Enjoy it, enjoy them, enjoy what you do together and eat well and if you drink regular…….don’t! Spend it on something far more nourishing and less dehydrating or even someone else!! – I dare you – “Christmas without booze?” Not possible I can hear screaming! Yes it is and it clears the way for the sort of clarity that will surprise those who insist “I only occasionally have a glass”!!!

If you don’t drink, get plastered……but be careful, because I know some of us have holes in our pockets, our livers, our lungs etc.

Love is in those pockets somewhere but gift giving should not be a part of it really, but there is a symbolic precedent. The greatest gift, was a child given, a festival we celebrate (plus a load of northern European Winter festivals acknowledging the turning point of the sun having reached its lowest point in the sky, of course). When I give my dearest their carefully chosen things, I know that half are given for functional need, for use, but the other half a symbolic love for them because I like to make things for people and of course that does not mean I love them any less. But sometimes their faces………….. and I think I should have simply offered them a patch for the hole in their hearts.



  1. Androgoth says:

    Yes I Will Too..lol


  2. jenagoth says:

    love your blogs dave i will come back and have a think about them and what they mean xxjen


  3. penny says:

    Very deep, Dave. Pen.


  4. Sheena says:

    a Christmas of doing things…instead of sitting . staring at the box..and eating…\’til you drop…..Here\’s to a different type of Christmas…for you and for me……………searching our pockets?……..xx


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