Posted: November 13, 2008 in Blogged It!

I struggle up the path I’ve been allocated. Which for the lateral, creative that I am is a sterile place to be, as playing in the fields with you I’d rather be.

But fields also give the arrogant, the realm for dispute and after the struggle and wrecking, that is where the poppy leaves were seen blowing through the well-fertilised soil of northern France and Belgium by a Canadian Officer I am given to understand. That is why this humble cornflower was adopted.
But, apparently, even today, tilling these rich fields turns up not bones but the metal teeth of death, which are left by the roadside for disposal.
90 years cannot rot the unexploded shell buried, deep in the land.

The problem lies deep, ‘if you will not do as I say I will destroy you because I have that power’ – not – ‘can we sit down and come up with some alternatives, some different ways of doing this’!

That was my training as a designer, which is why I have never understood wars of any kind or scale as anything more than futile. I have lost relatives, some I never met, because of the “Great War to end all Wars”. I understand a country must have a respected, defending force for its land, because of the lunacy in the world.

But when will there be a a simple, universal understanding that the politician, dictator, general or whoever declares a war upon whoever, whatever, whenever, is simply insane!

The people entering into this universal compact? The civilians and their military forces of the world. Declare war on drug dealers, fraudsters on the stock markets, if we were an artillery brigade our sergeant would be weeping at how off target we really are as a civil?-isation. Yes, I remember who we have lost but would they be proud of the freedom UK provides today?

  1. Lynn says:

    Really powerful blog Dave,
    It would be lovely to end wars, but I\’m afraid it will never be with the
    greed of others….
    Thank you for sharing my friend….Lynn


  2. Ronnie says:

    There is no freedom; we are puppets in the hands of greedy world leaders. We do as we\’re told, brainwashed into allowing mankind to be herded into utilization.
    How can we be proud of the thugs, louts and malingerers who blight our society? There is no compassion, no teamwork, no soul.


  3. Tilly says:

    They\’d probably hang their heads in shame (especially at the way everything they fought for has been \’surrendered\’ to faceless bureaucrats\’)


  4. penny says:

    Probably not!  Pen


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