No more Boxing Days

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Ramblings


………….within thirty seconds I am asking him to stop! I only suggested moving something fragile and rather expensive, and this is met with sarcasm and the suggestion I am "over-sensitive" when asking for less sarcasm, and then the continued prodding of an angry remark.

I ask my brother to stop, I don’t want to fight, but quite evidently he does, I ask three times more: what? where? how? have I insulted him to justify this reaction. But there is no response to this, these questions are interpreted as provocation, literally as his poor partner’s bad English means all this is accompanied by a running commentary in French, but my brother is not translating what he is saying, I note.

I had been practicing my French just for her and then it dawned on me, I and his partner were having a happy holiday, no funny stuff just a good laugh, we have always got on. This is why my little brother needs to fight!? I stare pointedly at the ground, coughing or blowing my nose occasionally in simple embarrassment at the extensive lecture or reprimand. It appears from his own mouth that when it comes to dealing with people, even relations, my brother has the intelligence of sub-surface algae, he cannot even hear himself talking. But still he takes the stance of superior, of judge and this from the guy that used to be so shy and modest.

I suppose ignorance, is a large part of what keeps the divine happy, evident in their curious anonymity, born and hidden in seclusion, they only have vivid impressions of the real world. In other words the gods, which ever you prefer do seem to keep themselves to themselves and ignore what’s going on down here and less it is spectacularly in their favour, and that’s the sort of stuff I am starting to hear from junior……….you know he always used to say to me "don’t say anything" employ the ‘leave well alone’ tactic.

But once we got onto the "looking at you I can understand why people need God" tract even the partner was gobsmacked at the behaviour, the tone of voice, I hadn’t actually done anything now I am a sinner!!! If asked he believes in a sort of all-encapsulating arrogance that he was the reasonable, objective even kind caring host of the afternoon even though there were moments of his showing a clearly thug like attitude towards me. He later told my mother that I came home that day because "I did not like the food", His partner and her son unfortunately, didn’t like this country, I cannot say I am surprised and returned to France and this brother of mine has gone after them.

Why do people pick those odd moments (holidays) to just want to fight when things aren’t going great for them and turn on people they know to hammer away at?

  1. penny says:

    Hiya Dave.  In my experience, fighting is what siblings are all about.  It is not about fairness, just nature without the humanity.  Chin up my friend, Pen.


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