the day is mine

Posted: August 30, 2008 in Health and wellness


The weather here is great, I have done the supermarket walk, sorted out the GP’s surgery (who lost the prescription again), done the pharmacist, probably about 5 miles all round, back home, put everything away, swapped the papers (only buy the Saturday Times, since it started doing supplements, my steam train driver grandfather told me once ‘get a paper to find out what THEY are thinking David’). Done the accounts electronically, paid some bills, bought something online and finished moving the furniture so that I have so much room in my flat now you could hold dance classes in here.

So now I can sit next to the floor to ceiling window on a pile of pillows and invent something wonderful to impress you all in the sunshine, oh what’s this First Class franked letter being stuffed through my front door?

"can I please complete the highlighted section of the form and contact once completed and it will be collected for Occupational Therapy".

– what questions, what therapy?

Contact assessment? Oh of course I asked for a shower in the flat after nearly drowning in the bath, well I thought it was a good idea during fits, lets see what’s this all about:

"persons own word/views"

"Presenting problem, difficulty or concern" – space for about 20 words

"Perceived impact on person’s life" – same space

"What does the person think might help? (inc preferred outcome of contact)"- no I promise you that is what it says!

"Other needs/difficulties experienced by the person" – space for about 15 words.

Professors of Neurology, GP’s and Councillors have written letters on my behalf about this subject for over 5 years, but I suppose I should be grateful the only reason I have now got as far as these holy papers is the rigorous activity of my Housing Officer, and the fact that the Council has had 20 million quid plus since 1999 to spend on the 1936 estate on which I was planted.

But now I have the weekend and the sun to consider which words would be best to answer these definitive questions, particularly, as they should have set a precedent for many others a long time ago, the Regeneration work on the estate is now half finished!

  1. Sheena says:

    I hope the words you came up with were short and sweet……if not for them for you…Officialdom language…..bereft of feeling…..maybe PC\’ism gone a step too far..Hope the sun\’s shining brightly……….into your newly arranged room……………….dance?……………….Sheena…………xx


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