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Posted: July 28, 2008 in Health and wellness
Sort of stumbled over you (Rachael) while you were lying there in the recovery position, no, really I was not looking for fellow epileptic brothers or sisters and your name flashed up with the word epilepsy next to it because of the blog, so I thought some one is trying to tell me something. I am 50 and have been fitting since teenage and no drug cocktail for the past 10 years seems to control Complex partials which involve walking around like a sleep walker and would you believe tidying up doctors, dentists offices for example. But the main thing I wanted to point out to you was that what you have written does seem to be re-enforcing a lot of stereotypes that have led to the discrimination I have had to face in my life.
Triggers for instance: if you are drinking while taking seizure suppressants, you are crazy anyhow? and as in my case Sound is the trigger not light or strobe effects. The filtering of sound frequencies, not loud sounds necessarily can be lethal and the side effects of the drugs supplied to suppress seizures have horrific side effects over long periods.
It really is a case of keep ’em quiet, and out of the way, don’t believe me? Read this in 20 years time make that promise to yourself at least.
……………..and you wrote my blog for me, so thank you.

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