Posted: July 11, 2008 in Poems


all you want to be to me
is a jerking, shaking, shattering illusion
in a death plane
with unknown corners and ledges
and starts and stops and hazardous drops.
Why do you love me so epilepsy?
  1. » dave says:

    No I did not refer to "Line" on some one else\’s Live space, just left my comment on his blog about his experience and its simililarity to mine of FaceBook


  2. Line says:

    Did you refer you refer to me on barewolf pages.. because i didnt understand.
    well i have a brain tumor and epilepsy, so now know that…..
    Love and bless


  3. jenagoth says:

    hi i think you cope better than i would  but i do understand it i would be so scared  keep well xxjen


  4. penny says:

    What a wonderful way with words you have, especially about such a painful suject.  Pen.


  5. Sheena says:

    ah ….to be so loved….with a passion that won\’t let go… ..!!!hope you\’re recovering from your hazardous drop….love to you………………..xx.


  6. Sherry says:

    Oh Dave, I\’m so sorry you have epilepsy. Sending prayers to you!!!


  7. jenagoth says:

    im so sorry you hurt yourself it must be an awful condition for you that you have to live with i get panicky when i go dizzy so you must find it such a pain having seizures i know a few people who are like you and its amazing how you cope take care and i hope your injury is less painful now  best wishes jen xx


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