Posted: May 15, 2008 in Computers and Internet

good grief!, these sites are a lot of hard work!…. But I suppose if  they give pleasure to the creators, if they somehow allow them to feel connected to the wider world or even enjoy those little gold stars or head pats we give one another through comments, like small children returning from school with some magical school project to show parents or guardians, then why not.

I needed spaces more before, but (and at this moment in cyberspace this is only an apology to about a half a dozen people), I am fading now and seem to have less and less time for this web-site which according to my Nuero-Psychiatrist is a good thing! (If you are epileptic you apparently need to have consultations with specialising psychiatrists because of the compromised position one finds oneself in, and the heavy side-effects of the medication of course) Apparently swimming is far better for me.

Most of us need that sort of thing, the constant back patting, the reassurance of even the whispered positivity of friends, the highly rated professional probably needs it more than anyone else. Sportspersons are the most obvious, those without managers and trainers have the most difficult time, they need to constantly tell themselves that what they are doing is for good reason and a high, worthy objective. The artist, constantly needs reassurance that his movie, or his play, his photograph, his acting or his poetry are of a standard that gives some recognition to their very existence as reputation is everything. Then there are the successful in business, and the higher echelons of politics bound together since time began. All chattering positivities at the right moments and measuring their successes by bank balances, taxes paid or unpaid I suppose, or votes gained or lost wether in boardroom, market or electorate.

Just like spaces, did I get a visit to my little poll booth today? Did anyone vote? Did anyone spoil the ballot paper? Did anyone leave a little gold star, a pearl, a kiss. Even the reassurance that I have followed the right football team for yet another season matters, is a reassurance, a confidence booster. I am a Champion again!

  1. penny says:

    Clever old you, hitting the nail on the head (GOLD STAR), however you must admit it is all very entertaining in an Eastenders kind of way.  Oops, cynicism showing.  See ya, Pen


  2. Lynn says:

    Good morning Dave,
    Thinking of you right now, I hope you don\’t overdo things my friend, best wishes with you in mind…Lynn


  3. Sheena says:

    cont\’d………..just fed your fish………………they were so hungry………………….xx


  4. Sheena says:

    I know..that\’s why I stopped….\’full stopped\’ for this length of time….To properly share your \’life\’ with people on here you need to connect with theirs…It\’s a commitment…not to be taken lightly….and \’All the worlds a stage….and all the men and women merely players.they have their exits…etc\’…We set out our \’stall\’ ..our space and share…and wait for comments..(anyone who says they don\’t ….well….why blog on a public stage?)..a pat on the back…a sharing of ideas..a connection…..a hand held in hello…..pleased to meet you………….sorta thing………to my mind anyway…..xx


  5. Sherry says:

    Hello, yes these spaces are a lot of work and you are so right about people needing assurances. We all do I guess. We like to know we matter don\’t we.
    Be well and take care


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