Posted: March 28, 2008 in Blogged It!


I am sitting here listening and watching a man wearing a green spacesuit spraying a grey concoction at the walls of the Council block opposite. Isn’t it amazing how politicians, bureaucrats and even past local representatives (neighbours) think the colour of the brickwork is of far more importance than the immediate safety of the wiring, the hygiene of the waste disposal, the security of the vulnerable who live here let alone the energy wastefulness of these pre second world war red brick housing estates dotted around London?
They were built as a final solution to the East End slums, a campaign begun by charitable souls with lots of money and influence who realised that healthy and happier workers made better products, back in the 19th century. Now here we are making 70 year old apartment blocks, or flats as we call them here in Britain, look pretty, before even fixing the draughts from windows and doors for the elderly and the ill, on a very windy hillside!
I hope not too much is being cut from budgets as the contractor stutters along? Windows are what people always asked for because of the lack of insulation here and apparently as original carpenters would have faced, each hole in the wall is so different that each thermal glass window is having to be tailored to fit somewhere in Europe and delivered to site! We are so looking forward to being warm Councillor! The compressor is starting up again and the spaceman is back I will stop complaining about progress and "Regeneration" now because I cannot hear myself think, besides I should be grateful shouldn’t I?
  1. Pippa says:

    Hey Dave. Yes, the best thing about a relationship IS sharing almost anything. I say almost as somethings I\’m not ready to share as yet. I hate seeming needy, and don\’t want Al to feel bad or any resentment to how I feel about the shift change. It\’s not his fault. I do love our time togeather, and I know he hates being away from me too. I hate seperation, although I do seem to cook, iron and clean while at home alone (although I\’ve not hoovered today, or had a bath like I had planned on!)Half the time I don\’t have to ask what he\’s think as I just seem to know, and visa-versa, he also knows when I just want a hug and to stand still, quietly watching the breeze though the trees for a moment. Bless, he never forces me along or anything.As for the greyness opersite you, its bound to burst into colour one night as the teenage kids place their artwork onto the newly laid canvas placed before them……Pippa xx


  2. jenagoth says:

    you know these councils sometimes need to get priorities right  our town is lovely but lots of money spent on flower competitions leaflet drops and useless letter drops when so much could bedone for people in repairs and other needy  things xxjen


  3. Sherry says:

    Hi Dave, I\’ve never heard that song that I remember but the lyrics are lovely. Thanks for coming by again. I hope all is well with you and those you love. Be well


  4. Dermott says:

    Hi Dave
    I love Jabques Brel – I have videos of him and Bowie on my space doing Amsterdam. Take a look.


  5. Lynn says:

    Morning Dave,
    I love this song, forgotten all about it though, lol..
    Best wishes from our home to urs….Lynn


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