Lighter & lighter

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Health and wellness
The winter sunlight streams at its low angle through the apartment hardly higher than the centre bars of the old sash windows. It splashes onto a new glass pot which flashes the beams in my direction and why am I so impressed by the sun this morning? Because I can feel its warmth and know that such days, although limited should be enjoyed or at least employed in the gain of some progress, even if it is only the enjoyment of the weather during a walk in the park! If you are happy you have moved forward gained something and the sun has been streaming through my windows for weeks now.
As I open the curtains these mornings although it is February or now March the sun pushes aside any frost or heavy fog that has settled the night before. The second window I open is glass from floor to ceiling and the room is so bright now, I have to consider sunglasses to ‘get on’ just to find things and the warmth increases and I can barely see this screen. Knowing this sun is going to get warmer and warmer just adds to my enjoyment of the morning and I am wrapped in her, the star that I am made of. Circling the universe at a speed beyond our small minds. But without my star’s warmth I would be a grey being, possibly still living below the surface, writing bad poetry for spaces, but my sun has found me and I wait for her next to rise and arch and roll across the sky!


  1. Lynn says:

    Awesome Dave,
    I love reading ur blogs, I\’d love to be able to describe things
    the way you do..
    Thanks friend, I really enjoyed this…Lynn


  2. Deb's says:

    Afternoon… we were supposed to get snow today..lots of the stuff…but relieved to say we have sunshine too its gorgeous, still chilly a slight bit in the air, but far better than the grey days we had been so used to…
    you asked about the pics… most are from photobucket, some -more the jokes etc., find in glitter graphics.
    have a great day..
    with love and light


  3. Sheena says:

    ah…………sunshine…blessed are we to be bathed in her glow……..she brings so much with her, warmth, happiness, joy of life…lovely to read of your mornings experience………………..xx….


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