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Posted: February 7, 2008 in Ramblings

I discovered today that, apparently, every 2.5 seconds somewhere on earth there is held – a Tupperware party. Having never been invited to one of these parties, I am now particularly depressed at what I must be missing!

  1. Androgoth says:

    Hi Dave,
    If you think that Tupperware Parties are bad you should
    have been living in Julius Caesar\’s time slot of 100 – 44BC
    Man those \’Toga-Ware Parties\’ were the talk of Rome.. lol.
    Have A Wicked Friday Dave
    And I Am Sorry To Hear Of Your
    A & E Visit .. Best Wishes From..
    A  N  D  R  O  G  O  T  H  .  .


  2. ... says:

    Heya hun, just dropped in to say Goodbye…you take care of yourself ya hear? Xxx


  3. Unknown says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for dropping round. Ohhh I remember tupperware parties when I was a kid, don\’t thin I ever went to one mind but me mum did. I had this blue ball thing and I know they still sell em cos they had em in Florida when I went, was like a ball that you pull apart and theres shapes inside and you stick em in the approproaite holes, a kids toy lol. I remember the salt and pepper pot too with the lid that flipped up, think she still has them pmsl.
    Hope you\’re having a fab week.
    Bright blessings xxx


  4. Sherry says:

    I have to agree with what the rest have said Dave. You are not missing much by not being invited to a tupperware party lol. It\’s way over rated. You can buy stuff a lot cheaper then that and just as good and the market lol.
    Well I hope you have a good day. I enjoyed your pictures of London. Sure would like to come there someday.


  5. Sheena says:

    Never heard that saying about long hair……Maybe in the past?…when long hair was the done thing…Hope you\’re having a lovely Sunday…….xx


  6. Dawn says:

    Hi there! Had to say I love the fish, I fed them quite a few times. Spiders… not so much so it\’s a good thing it\’s not real. As for Tupperware, I don\’t know what I would do without it (I buy the cheap stuff though) but I definately don\’t go to parties. I might have…. once… but that was a long time ago now, before I had kids when I still had time to waste. 


  7. Sheena says:

    Is It all recycle-able?…..I hope so….and I don\’t think you\’re missing much at all…….Like Pen says…maybe a Anne Summers?.. Heh!!hope you\’re fine and dandy?…………bye for now…Sheen………..xx


  8. ... says:

    Now if it was an Anne Summers party you were missing you should be depressed! lmao..Tupperware?? all I can say if thats their idea of a party…be grateful you have been spared!…more like torture if you ask me…and you haven\’t…but I\’m telling you anyway! have a good day hun, love n hugs Pen xxxx


  9. Lynn says:

    lol….Not much Dave, hehehe,
    have a great weekend mate…Lynn


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