Do it yourself, it can’t be worse!

Posted: December 11, 2007 in Ramblings
Some of my friends on are upset because they cannot lay their hands on a decent birthday card during December.
When can you buy a decent Birthday Card?
I am sorry but as a frustrated graphic designer I can only find interesting cards in designer shops or up to date bookshops maybe. The trash that is thrown at the public is overwhelming and I have found even the untrained eye on receiving something different or wantable can tell the difference  – the question is always "where did you get this?".
If Facebook contributors can get Cadburys to make their chocolate bars again, do you think they could tell whoever where to put their greetings cards? Most look the same as cards of 1930’s or have comic book cartoons and text!
What actually happens in stores is that the Christmas Cards are put in the place of the least selling Birthday cards and the standard Birthday lines fill what is left! If that is a standard well, I think one of our friends on here was talking of making them herself, Christmas and Birthday cards, can’t be worse, we might even enjoy using our computers and photos and downloadable images to make cards particularly for the new generation of techno-kids!
Happy Birthdays and Holidays
  1. Sheena says:

    Thanks for your input on my story……..always helps…to have another\’s point of view…hope you enjoyed your fish dish….bon appetit……………hugs………………Sheena…..xx


  2. Sherry says:

    Hello! Thanks for comeing by. I kind of knew that soccer etc. was considered football over there. I like watching soccer. My Packers won that game 42 – 20 so I\’m a happy girl today lol. I often make my own cards with the computer. Especially for my grandchildren because I love putting their pictures in them.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!


  3. Sheena says:

    Hiya you.,just catching up with your blog….I have tried to print off birthday cards from the software I got with  my camera…and others I got from my brother…(ill eagle….of course!!…mums the word)…..I need practice though…and the inclination….\’tis always the same…I say I\’ll try something and spend too much time \’talking\’…you know what I mean?…..lovely \’talking\’ to you and P……..take care and speak soon………………must go and get these feet warmed up….bye for now………………Sheena……………….xx


  4. Lynn says:

    Happy Christmas…Lynn


  5. ... says:

    hiya honey, hmmmm think we had a convo about that before, lol…and I still totally agree! anyways I know you are off to your ancestral home soon, if not already, so don\’t know even if you\’ll get to read this till later. But wanted to thank you for the comments you left, they meant a lot and I was very touched, but please don\’t feel helpless because your words pick me up when I am down, friendship is a tonic no matter how many miles between,and your understanding of my situation is total. You are a kind and caring friend and you to are not just a space.
    I hope you have a good holidays with your family, and that you are ok. Don\’t worry about me I\’ll be right, I\’ve had my warning shot so I\’m going to be taking it easy, and follow orders, tho usually am pretty crap at that lol. Will be nice to catch up for a chat when its possible…my pc will be coming home soon 🙂 its at sis\’s (ex in law) and her hubby is in the process of getting it together, so I\’ll get more time back on here again soon…I have soo missed it! ok so I\’ve had access via this pc, but its just not the same as my own, plus time is somewhat limited!
    You take care of yourself my dear friend, love and light and huge ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Pen xxxxxxx


  6. Lynn says:

    Hi There,
    I really love Christmas but also think most cards today are rubbish, I love it when my grandkids make me a card or even my kids and family, so I agree make your own to let people know you care, have a good night…Lynn


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