“Those Pesky Joneses” – The Times 17/10/07

Posted: November 18, 2007 in Blogged It!

I have blogged this because it was not only humorous but SO true!

‘Forget about measuring a person’s success through their good deeds or parenting skills; according to a survey this week, most people gauge another person by the kind of work they do.  The poll, which asked more than 1,000 people how they rated a person’s achievements, revealed that after the job, house, neighbourhood and friends were all rated as good indicators of success.

Asked what job they thought carried most kudos, "entrepreneur" came out top; "accountant" came bottom. However, psychologists say that thinking of success in these terms may be bad for us. They say that a preoccupation with the achievements of yourself and others can adversely affect your emotional health.

So, forget about the neighbour’s new promotion or your brother-in-law’s spanking new Porsche and start enjoying your life.’

found in Body & Soul section!

  1. Deb's says:

    hi dave,
    not one to judge people on what they do… but rather view them for who they are… how they speak and by their actions, and measuring success is for those who view life as a competitive sport rather than a spiritual experience through which we grow and learn.
    best wishes


  2. Sheena says:

    Hello there….Now….you probably hit the nail on the head..writing stories and playing Video/PC games are both things I enjoy doing…So, maybe a crossover there……..& no..it\’s not a safer place I would have thought….just an exciting change…whether or not a change to be regretted quickly..now there\’s the rub….Now….what you do making a difference to how people view you?……..Of course …most people judge you by what you do…what you\’ve attained…which is sad……and I don\’t think that\’s anything new…it\’s always been the way….hence the comic sketches….with the first words being uttered…\’and what do you do?\’……I suppose it\’ll never change…bye for now…………………Sheena…………….xx


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