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Posted: October 19, 2007 in Health and wellness

one of the ways my brain has always worked is laterally, good for designers to come up with different ideas, to break off on different tangents to do things differently and one of the downers of that is it dumps what one game calls trivia and I don’t just mean the details of a favorite sport for instance or a band’s name, I mean everything!

I have difficulty remembering names, unless someone or something is repetitively pounded into the stone of my gray matter. I have memory and memories of my history but retrieving details of it? This is exaggerated by the epilepsy and 35 years of medication. Suppressants don’t culture the attention necessary to absorb detail. On occasion I know a word, name, description of someone or something and while talking, I can even feel, that the word or name is there, waiting, available in my memory banks, its at the front of my mind but it will NOT come out, I can’t say (or type) it, I’ll produce the most intricate visual description of someone but their name will not articulate into reality, my muscles in my throat and mouth are even making the right preparatory shapes or even, most frustratingly will produce a first letter or the right first sound. Sometimes, people I know quite well, will walk away from me thinking "he didn’t even remember my name?" But that’s their ego’s problem and my Neurologist says everyone has this problem in varying degrees? Well, those are attitudes I have to take, because I have had to accept my end of the deal.

You ARE the quizmaster when it comes to playing with dave

Now, is that the best excuse you ever heard for not playing quizzes?

  1. Deb's says:

    hi there Dave,
    well my memory has similar problems…although not necessarily with names… in my case its hugs chunks of my past.. most of my childhood memories are gone…thats what epilepsy does though..clears the memory banks a computer purge..well it does in my case, i am aware on occasion whilst it happens….can feel them leaking away…gawd knows where…i\’ve had friends and family alike asking me about events within our lives and i have absoloutely no recollection of the event…most upsetting..more so for them, from my perspective i see it as clearing the way for something new…but i can understand your frustration ..been there too…
    have a great weekend
    love n hugs


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