Christmas IS COMING……….

Posted: October 12, 2007 in Blogged It!


I visited Witchy Woman’s space today and was inspired by what she had written: Sunshine and Christmas, interesting polarisation with such literate expression! Sorry about that I sort of challenged myself to write a sentence with long words in it. Anyhow, I introduced myself and told Witchy Woman I liked reading her ‘ramblings’ and that I thought that culture was the answer to the question floating in the background of her blog today.

The reason the majority of people in northern Europe lost their skin pigment was lack of sun, so while reading the opening of her blog I was wondering ‘have we been depressed for thousands of years, at least back to the last couple of Ice Ages!’ Then she lightened her mood with the thought of Christmas. Yes it is coming, I must admit with the arrival of the UNICEF catalogues I had thought of presents, but the real reason I wanted to comment there was that gifts are not necessarily appreciated.

Is that because we take Christmas for granted? It is a cultural and religious assembly of the tribe, once a year, your tribe may even include friends in this period, but after trying so hard to get the right, useful, functional presents for my dear friends and family for over 20 years, two years back, I received virtually nothing.

No I don’t give to receive! But this was noticeable, so the following year I had an idea, I gave all the card and present money to UNICEF, who sent cards to a list of normal present receivers I provided. (Don’t worry still got stuff for my nephews and friends kids).

Come January, not a word, English politeness prevails. So, as it is alright with them I am going to do the same this year and just buy mum a Harrods hamper online deal. Yes, I was surprised that they were in my price range so an aunt and mom now have beautiful wicker flower stands. The gathering might be the next thing to tackle I am wondering about blowing all my savings on a winter cruise, I am sure they won’t miss me.

 I hope Witchy Woman has a wonderful Christmas, I was licking my lips at the thought of her Christmas cake and all the things we buy for December, I must find out this year the details of the local folklore of this festival before the Romans arrived, tied it in with one of their festivals and then finally a Christian Emperor told his empire we will celebrate the birth of his prophet, savior, Lord as you prefer.

Thank you Witchy Woman, you have inspired my blog, almost completely written in your comment dialogue window and looking around, it is a nice place to be inspired, so I do hope she will be a friend of mine.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Witchy Woman’s space

  1. ... says:

    hiya honey, thanks for the duvet wrap 🙂 feel a smidge better today…sail boat eh? pmsl probably end up going round and round in circles in one of them things! Hope you\’ve caught up on sleep after neighbour crisis, love n hugs Pen xxx


  2. Deb's says:

    HI Dave…
    thanks for stopping by, the compliments and the invite.. all of which I\’m grateful for.. :)) \’tis always good when someone gets a kick out of what is written and then is inpspired in return..tis one of the great things about spaces… it becomes a conversation of sorts.. triggering memories and feelings we thought were long forgotten.
    I believe we met a while ago…at least i think we did .. sure i\’ve been here before and even left a comment before and sure you have left one at mine too.. i know i have seen you at penfolds place..when the gremlins allow for comments oer there that is .. poor bairn has had such a hard time of it with the space gremlins clogging up the comments section and not allowing anyone to post there..
    anyway lovely to meet you and look forward to your next comments… feel free to drop in anytime.
    I\’ll be doing a piece on folklore to and how the customs were tied and the essence lost from our pagan past..was part of the intention for the last piece but ended up being sidetracked.. lack of sleep the reason behind that one.. lol
    have a great weekend..
    and thank you soo much :))
    love n hugs
    merry christmas and happy new year to you too..xox


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