Posted: September 23, 2007 in Poems



shouts the laptop

someone is online

its a girl that shouts

as icons turn green

and connection is mine,

with Penny: dancing, rising,

spinning, and falling

in digital darkness

or sunlight sublime.



shouts the .wav file

an ecstatic girl and

through direct messages

with genuine courage

we fill packets of time,

as David requires, desires,

allures and admires,

beyond throwaway chatter

this south-west girl is divine!



DWK (15/09)

  1. ... says:

    Heya hun, you did blog it after all 😉 better go get me divining rod out lol! Tis a lovely poem, my very first! Thank you, hope you\’re having a good day, and feeling a little better ((((Hugs))) Pen xxxxxxx


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