Posted: September 12, 2007 in Blogged It!
 I love Annie Lennox! Because of the incredible voice power and tone subtlety, and she has recorded quite a few reality songs, instead of wallowing in virtuality like most pop stars, singing about something completely abstract – like love.
Not much hope for me huh, but love is something unique to two people, sure there are similarities to be compared but no one will know how I feel, for instance, about Valerie after a day in the sand dunes, a unique time for two unique people.
No I am not talking about a sexual encounter and no one will know how I felt when Catherine slipped her hand into mine as we walked to the restaurant for a first date, thats why lyrics in poetry and music always have to generalise in some way to meet the market’s needs I suppose. Write me a song about unique experience of waking to see Suzie’s face and only I could understand it.
(Should I blog this Penny?)
  1. Dawn says:

    Just stopped by to say "Hi!". (I\’ve been on vacation and got back a few days ago, I\’m still trying to catch up with everybody.)  


  2. .... says:

     Beggin yr puddin your lordship, ever heard of just havin a laugh?? d\’ya think I take these things seriously!!!!???? Oy vay, tsk tsk tsk…go stand in the corner and be ashamed of yourself, will just have to trout slap ya now!! lol…and yes you should blog that lol ((hugs )) Pen xxx


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