Talking about Here we go again! not happy! every disabled child counts?….

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Blogged It!

  A mother trying to gain some support from a Government Department briefed to only give up money as a very last resort, who has a disabled son!


Here we go again! not happy! every disabled child counts?….

…..Ironic really that the morning after yesterdays post concerning Every Disabled Child Counts I get the results of the DLA claim for Kyle because of his epilepsy…and guess what? They said no!!! shouldn’t come as a surprise really considering what I’ve been through with them already with my Autistic son. But what did astound me was how quick they were to say no..two days thats all it took…which means they never even contacted his GP or specialist! 
They are renowned for saying no when they think you’ll just go away…one of the reasons people don’t claim this benefit is coz they don’t think they will get it in the first place. Apparently it is ok for my son to go out unsupervised, despite the unpredictable nature of his seizures and the fact that having one when he is on his own may end up being fatal….
I’ve already been on the phone to them to listen to their "decision makers" reasons as to why not, and it all boils down to the infrequency of the attacks…despite the fact there is a point of law which contradicts their reasoning…so the next step is a reconsideration of the claim in which I have to submit these points of law…"Moran vs The Secretary of State for social services as reported in R(A)1/88"
I’m not a bleedin lawyer but I haven’t half had to learn some stuff to get us through…which I should not have to be doing, got enough on my plate as it is.
If the reconsideration fails, which I am fully expecting then its back to the appeal tribunal….give me strength, or alternatively just SHOOT ME..

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