16 years old

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Poems


I’ll always be there,

somehow I know it

somehow I will show it

I’ll always be there.


This time I did not play around

I knew this was true love I’d found

But now she’s gone,

how can I be normal

and try not to cry.


Its just like all the soft love songs

but the day when the right one comes

has passed me by.

Time is irreversible

but somehow,

I’ll always be there.



  1. .... says:

     Beautiful words sweetie, hope you are ok? bi of a flyer this as it\’s all systems go..or should that be all systems heading into general disintergration as I try and get everything ready for tomorrow? Going to my folks for the annual summer visit, so I\’m afraid I won\’t be throwing sheep at you for a little while! Anyway take care of yourself and see you soon, luv n hugs Pen xxxx


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