Posted: August 9, 2007 in Poems

29th December 2000 1:40am


sleep abyss

that becomes harder to approach

wondering if dawn’s parachute

will sweep open?


sleep oblivion

that motorway rush

to medication throws me

normally shattering time


sleep dream

that storage of reason

seemingly without logic

will replay trauma


sleep death

that few even consider

a natural resuscitation

I fear or welcome?


sleep walk

technique to help me sleep

I walk with Claire and Shani

on a white sand beach,





  1. Androgoth says:

    I Note That Your Blogs Are Rather Sporadic..
    Perhaps You Should Offer More Of Them?
         A    N    D    R    O    G    O    T    H


  2. .... says:

    A White sand beach is a good place to sleep walk, let you back in then did it? lol…you better be takin it easy sunshine!! big (((hugs)))) luv Pen xxxx


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