Posted: July 18, 2007 in Poems
Off the cuff
writing’s tough
worse, to make it rhyme,
that idea
that one should appear
to make sounds
that float, in time.
I really am just
laying this down
as it comes to mind
trying to break the bind
of the staccato language
in which some can drown.
Like me auntie,
machine gun fire
when her tongue is rattlin’
its no ones desire
to interrupt
by going over the top
into no mans’ land
and verbally shredded,
a talent some admire?
"that sorted him" they chuckle,
but the savagery of silence
makes them buckle……..
  1. .... says:

    Morning O blue hairy one! Sounds like you had the same Auntie I did!! lol very adept at verbal shredding. Hope you\’re day is a good one, luv n hugs…duckie pmsl xxxxxx


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