some days………

Posted: July 13, 2007 in Poems
……it just doesn’t work
pick something up,
something else falls
tasks turn to battles
radio words turn to gibberish
triggers that somehow rhyme
some days…….
…… I wake at 5.45am
euphoric, as if surf has
dumped me on the beach,
can’t sleep so start early,
nervous with the drilling
because near electric cables
that goes OK, sawing too,
but when I slot two pieces together,
something breaks off
and then its glue and vices….
……everything seems to be a fight
nothing will sit right
I was getting along
then radio chat turned to mush again
and I am left painting
more flesh than wood
so take a break to eat
and fall asleep, and I mean fall!
Have no recollection of ‘ cast off’
just 2 hours lost…..
……more paint, front doors open
its not the fumes, took the med’s,
then more drama while washing
I find a lump that should not be there,
and some people wonder
what I do, some days…….
  1. .... says:

    Hiya blue hairy one, you should know I\’m always on an interplane time dimension excursion thingamajig, keeps me out of trouble..or is it that that gets me into trouble? these questions and many more shall remain unanswered as due to interplane dimension travel neither the questions have been made or the answers realised, so therefore bit of a moot point…have a great weekend ((((((HUGS)))))) Haze xxx


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