Je ne sais pas

Posted: June 30, 2007 in Poems
With the tread of Paris
and the face of Pan
this visitor has found
the sterile environs
in which we are bound,
tied, conditioned
attempting façade
of the ‘Merriment’
and celebration
that December turns around.
Though to face a new year
the slate stays written
for 2000 years commencement
waits, hidden.
Surely, talk is heard
and prayer and song,
but when will our family
act out the commitment.
Our visitor throws this
into perfect perspective
because she has
no words of english
to perpetuate the dogma!
Only the practicality
of actions, to give or receive
until le vacation is over.


  1. .... says:

    Hiya oh blue hairy one, sorry I haven\’t been by between life and sortin out my head and my heart not been in the frame of mind for visiting anyone really. Love the poem btw, you so have a way with words ! Hope you\’re doing ok, will have to try and catch up for a chat soon…another extended coffee break may be? Take care hun, luv n hugs Pen xxx


  2. Pippa says:

    Nice to see poetry going up.
    Hope your well and take care of yuorself
    Pippa xx


  3. Lisa says:

    great poem hunx have a look at mine wen u get time xx


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