What a difference

Posted: June 22, 2007 in Blogged It!

"A lot of bloggers seem to be just moaning so my finger has hovered over the delete key several times recently" – I have just read that on a ‘space’ and yes we do unload here but there is plenty of mirth and cleverness to balance that! and classically the funniest stuff comes from the seemingly most troubled. There was also a childish tone of "I am leaving!", and I don’t think the blog world will be missing much quite frankly, besides this person was missing the point; this is not a place for competitiveness, super creativity, we are simply reading each others daily, weekly, monthly, journals, (most learning about website design in the process). There are very few V.I.P.’s here, just everyday people writing about everyday things.

And that is a blog’s primary function, not to be necessarily "cool" or "well done" it is about the little incidents in life, you want more then go and surf political, Hollywood, specialist websites, get your kicks elsewhere. We are just a bunch of people chatting while waiting at a bus stop, and then the buses all come at once……. 

  1. Michaela says:

    It\’s all good, just try not to jump in front of the buses, and hey, let\’s walk occasionally, it\’s good for clearing the head and feeding the soul…..positive thoughts and wishes to you all! Let yourselves be blessed.


  2. Dawn says:

    Well whatever dance you did seems to have worked! Today was absolutely gorgeous. Not a drop of rain in sight. (Good thing too because the girl had a field trip to the lake.) 


  3. shirley says:

    Hi Dave Hope you are well I\’m off to Scotland tomorrow so I\’m calling round to wish people a good week while I\’m gone. Shirley


  4. Dawn says:

    I\’ve seen the childishness (?) too. Somebody doesn\’t want to be their friend, somebody hasn\’t read their blog or commented in a while. Reminds me of school days. Hell, I\’ve even wondered who would care about what I had to say but it doesn\’t matter. Ultimately each of our blogs is our own outlet for creativity (or not, in my case) and it doesn\’t matter how many people read it. It\’s not a publicity contest. 


  5. .... says:

    Hiya honey, well put!! tho must admit to more recently having felt like the buses hit me!! pml, but I\’m good. I know silence is golden but I had to let it out, was eating away inside…never could keep my mouth shut. Now I feel much much stronger and can move onto the more important things in life without it clouding my head. Hope you have a good day, love n hugs Pen xxx


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