Romeo, wherefore….

Posted: June 20, 2007 in Health and wellness
A blogger asks why Victoria Beckham puts her son in danger because of swarming paparazzi surrounding her child with flashbulbs going off……
Because there is nothing else she can do, Romeo could live in a limo for the rest of his life and be safe, (probably with an always attendant nurse/nanny) but in Spain Mum & Dad have often taking the kids shopping or to restaurants and were glad that the Spanish people particularly in the capital, Madrid didn’t swarm but shouted hellos and ask for the odd autograph and photograph.
Recently the climax of Real Madrid’s season, facilitated by David’s good play (for a manager who said 4 months ago he would never pick him to play again and had to eat his words), his recall to the England Squad and of course the US League sign up have generated the sort of frenzy, they experienced in this country. the focus is back on them.
And what if Romeo’s epilepsy trigger is not photo-sensitivity, what if it is simply the stress of the fuss around him, She got caught out, just like the mum who is not famous and has a terrible time in the supermarket, because of background musak triggering autistic or epileptic reactions? Isn’t she putting her child in danger?
The idea that the Beckhams crave publicity and they can turn it off and on when it suits them is a press invention and a fallacy. Its the way it works, they have made their money with their talents, and much more by selling things, which in turn makes them a media necessity, to fill column inches or TV hours. The editors decide we WANT to see them so that’s what sells papers and TV. Therefore the sharks jump in and try to make as much money out of them by selling particularly photos or video or words to papers and TV.
Romeo will never have a private life unless he vanishes and goes ultra private, some actors, singers’ children have managed it. So what does Victoria do? Never go for a walk with her son again, never attend another football match? What would you do? and I wonder how many times did she or even bodyguards politely ask the cameramen to stop, let them through, remember THAT is ALWAYS edited out!
He can’t have photo-sensitive epilepsy otherwise his father would not have taken him onto a football field to celebrate victory in a stadium full of flashbulbs and thousands of silver Real Madrid celebration flags, a very clever, stunning visual effect when they lowered the lights in the stadium, even on TV!
I think its definitely the stress that causes the child problems. Sure. they are extremely rich now but does that mean the family has to hide until we don’t want to hear about them anymore? I wouldn’t hide, I would try to find SOME sort of normality for my children because there is no avoiding the child’s condition or OUR craving for information.
  1. Michaela says:

    Thank you for adding your own peace to my glen, each person who visits and feels this makes it grow. This blog strikes a chord with me, we struggle to allow others to \’seem wealthy\’ (but forget what real wealth really is) and forget that no matter who we are we are all equal in body and spirit. Negative thoughts and words cause spiritual harm, and so often are born of envy and resentment. Those who criticise should stop a moment and ask "am I to blame for this persons\’ suffering" Certainly, positive thoughts and wishes would do so much more. Be blessed, happy solstice and may the remainder of your year be fruitful.


  2. shirley says:

    Hi Dave You can find Horoscopes under Customize you space, you go to the modules and open Gadgets you\’ll find it there…… I hope!! Family are all fit and well thanks. Hope you are well, All the best Shirley


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