Is it a book?

Posted: June 14, 2007 in Poems
There once was a man called brook,
He wrote an incredible book.
It had 900 pages
and took him ages,
then he hung it high on a hook.
There was also a man called Chinook
Who often noticed the book.
but he and other sages
ignored all those pages,
because they couldn’t have a look.
But when the man called Brook,
saw that man called Chinook,
he gave a great shout,
And threw the man out
and that was the end of Chinook.
ok, that’s the end of Chinook!
but still remains the problem book on a hook
that took so long to cook up.
If its up on a hook and you can’t take a look
Is it really a book?
and why is Brook shouting at Chinook?
  1. Pippa says:

    have you seen my brothers page today? He wrote some thing on on doing lymrics and stuff.
    Pippa xx


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