Epileptic Dreams 18/1/05 4.45am

Posted: June 14, 2007 in Poems
O set thee here, he spoke!
Who could assist
to weigh or balance problems found,
he possessed level ground,
as he awoke to offer his scales,
and so both from sleep did rise
to move among the solutions
seen in that night’s dream
But why? They wondered
did they speak in such poor rhyme?
A side effect of medication?
a surreal surprise of talents hidden
for this is written in early hours
When all are still
and no light given?
  1. shirley says:

    Hi Dave I work for Wycombe Wanderers a little team in the far reaches of the game, but they do get some great cup runs sometimes. They also ground share with London Wasps rugby club. A typical match day for me starts at 08:00 when we have a mountain of sandwiches to make this takes till about 12:00, I then go to the kitchen on the other side of the ground and help Chef with buffets in the exec. boxes and cook chips ect for the fans in the bar. From about 15:00 till 18:30 I do piles of washing up then if it\’s football I can go home……. if it\’s rugby the teams eat after the match so we are luck to get away by 20:00.
    I am supposed to get half an hour break when I could watch some of the game but most times I want to just sit and have a coffee.
    The worst bit is if both teams are at home the same weekend……… and sometimes we have parties in the rooms in the evenings around Christmas time. I once did about 40 hours over one weekend working Friday eve, all day Saturday and Sunday and Monday evening. Trying to cut down a bit now as I get very tired and my feet swell up a lot.
    Hope you have a good weekend Shirley


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