Posted: June 12, 2007 in Travel
Back from mom’s 79th birthday, great to see my brother and sister, brother-in-law, nephew, once  have loaded up we will see if the new embedded video works?
plus some photos of Bath. Some of my family don’t like idea of being visible on the internet so that’s about 50 shots down. But this city sitting in a bowl of a valley famous for its Roman Baths is so open to view that I tried looking at it through the foilage or masonry, well you will see if you wish.
Thanks for comments, you know who you are and now some have identified if there is anything I can put on here to help? Only too pleased to help.
Saw great movie last night. Last Orders was a book I bought long time ago great to see they made a very british movie with so many famous british actors in London.
Got to go now and take my meds and a lady has come in to do me cleaning, actually the idea of her weekly visits is to check that I am OK and I am pleased to say that through working for me I have been able to help her support her child but more importantly, she has recently qualified as a professional Carer. So its great to have someone check I am not damaged through falling or whatever, who really knows her stuff. Knowing your stuff?
knowing what you are about, in sync, able to tackle anything.
  1. Dawn says:

    Bath. Brings back memories (well a few as it has been a rather long time). Someday I would like to bring my husband there, I was hoping sooner rather than later but oh well. I\’ll just settle for someday. Anyways the girl went for blood tests to check her thyroid. I had actually brought her in with other concerns but the doc said she wanted to do these tests too. On one hand it could be nothing, on the other she knows that I have thyroid issues so maybe best to check anyways. And I didn\’t have to go, my husband took her in. Thank Goodness. Although I guess she did really well and didn\’t cry at all. Btw I am now hooked on The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 


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