Posted: June 5, 2007 in Ramblings
Pippa was blogging asking:
"Would I be missed?
Would anyone notice if I wasn’t here? Didn’t appear?
Never came around? Vanished".
and I ended up pondering the same questions.
Particularly because all my friends are gone to the suburbs/countryside to have their babies now or are pursuing very successful careers. Nobody phones me any more, even the people I trained, counseled, or represented who used to come to me for advice or just for a shoulder to cry on has dwindled, most of my contacts are now electronic.
wot am I doing wrong?
I am hiding!
From the possibility of having a seizure and embarrassing or endangering someone. NO, I am not violent during complex partial seizures but for example, I have put my hand on the wheel of a car, fortunately driven by my brother while we were in the fast lane on a motorway. reaching out to warn him? Scared him to death, but we survived unharmed. Or fall asleep on a train and end up at the end of the line.
As I was saying to another blogger I feel like the drunk that doesn’t get invited to parties anymore because he is just ‘an embarrassment, not someone you want around the children’.
Well, confession, communication, conversation what ever you see this as, it is therapeutic if nothing else,thinking out loud and perhaps I am just talking to myself, and certainly will not be missed at this moment.
So, hermit it is!
  1. shirley says:

    Hi Dave I think everyone is feeling a bit like this at the moment……. well they are in my house(I\’m pips mum by the way). I am feeling a bit useless at the minuet because I\’d like to help and say something to make it alright for everyone……. but where do I start? So many people feeling in need of ??? well if I knew I could fix things for everyone. In the meantime I\’ll just send you a {{{HUG}}} hope it helps. All the best Shirley


  2. Dawn says:

    Hey there. I\’ve been stopping by every once in a while since you stopped by at my blog. You are definately interesting and although I don\’t really know you I still enjoy reading your blog. I am sure at least a few more people than just me would notice if you dissappeared from blogland. Anyways you seem to have touched on something here though that I know I am going to have to deal with when my own son gets a bit older. I want him to know that he does not need to be embarrased of the fact that he has epilepsy or that he might have a siezure in public (and neither should you be btw). His epilepsy is not due to anything he has done wrong. I think the worst part will be trying to be consistant with that but also explain why there are some things he just won\’t be allowed to do. Like driving, playing hockey, riding the roller coaster, etc. But now I am rambling.


  3. Pippa says:

    I talk to myself all the time. Terrible thing is when you lose the argument! PMSL!!
    Still, its all fun and games.
    I have a very good friend on yahoo messenger, been friends for a few years now. Never met up, but we chat whenever we can. I like it, I feel no pressure, and have a good laugh. A lot easier than dealing with people face to face i think. You can choose if you want to talk to them or not.
    Pippa xx


  4. ... says:

    Well i sure would miss ya, i\’m missing me atm lol, not sure if abstinence from my space is helping,as you say, its theraputic, got ur messages..had to scoot off out soz, glad to hear you got the painting sorted finally! took long enough! (only joking) Still got a lot rolling round my head tho and its all a bit dangerous atm and could end up upsetting a lot of people..bit cryptic I know, but dare say the story will be told eventually…anyways stay well my friend and I\’ll catch up with you real soon,(((hugs))) Pen xxx


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