Posted: May 27, 2007 in Poems
You have like me
a childlike glee
at playing the instrument
of the dictionary.
Not a vast knowledge
but the musicality
found only in games
of imaginative creativity.
Others say "its easy" with disdain
with a ‘y’ on the end!
but what is also certainly, necessary
is to find there a true friend.
  1. ... says:

    I like, sorry bout worryin ya the other day, honestly didn\’t mean too! thought you guys could get in, then I started findin all these messages and emails later asking what was going on lol. Was feelin in self protect mode, so set it to friends and contacts only, but msn buggered it up! You\’re a good friend and there is no way I\’d just disappear on ya, same with shirley and pip and one or two others. Even if one day i did do the unthinkable and close it I\’d stay in touch on messenger and email, so don\’t worry about that. Besides, my space has become a part of my life, that I really would miss, its a place where I can be me for a little while each day, hope you have a great day sweetie, luv n hugs Pen Xxx


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