Posted: May 25, 2007 in Ramblings

well the living room is white now, very trendy except the chimney breast which is a deep ‘denim’ blue to match the midnight blue leather sofa (yes another dfs victim). Italian though and very soft, in fact MY sofa (I paid it off after a year), is deadly, sit on it, perched on the edge and it still sucks you in and you are asleep in minutes no matter how interesting the book, the TV the friend is. I keep telling myself that it must be the side effects of lyrica,"new American wonder drug" said the Neurologist Professor, with a tinge of sarcasm. A suppressant, I keep telling them they are just controlling me by putting me to sleep.

Sorry, what the heck was I talking about, oh yeah colour schemes, I’ve decided to have a blue stripe on the opposite wall to the breast in exactly the same position, from wall to ceiling but only a third of the width of the chimney to break the monotony, good place to hang some Warhol prints in a column? And at the bottom of the stripe maybe my old logo, that a friend designed for me when I opened a company (the 90’s economic farce killed that off, no one would pay me, but then an old boss pointed out, I had paid off the bank while large companies were dropping like flies). I’ll see if I can dig out the logo, you will see why it was appropriate and stenciling it on to the wall will put it back in use. While I was painting the ceiling I thought I must animate the logo and get it to gallop off into the sunset or horizon line.

I am running out of towels though, better get to Sainsburys before I lose the last one and end up cleaning paint tins with my trousers. Maybe I’ll photo the room, now won’t that be exciting for you. Only carpet, curtains and light fixture to go, wait, I haven’t gloss whited the door yet /@*^£"+!

  1. Pippa says:

    sorry I haven\’t posted you a message as yet. I\’ve been spending some time away from my space, getting some breathing room I guess. Thank-you for the short poem you left me, and thanks for becoming a friend!
    Pippa xx


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