Posted: May 20, 2007 in Sport

Now, the Continental game is firmly embedded here. Jose Mourinho has established a team, the media will certainly laud with praise, will say is glorious, (after all its their pay-ticket at stake), but if you are a football supporter who is budgeting to pay for ridiculously priced tickets or even TV subscriptions it was demonstrated today that we pay for 2-3 minutes out of 90 minutes.

The rest is boring, grinding Chelsea. In possession paceless, unexciting, football, without the ball, brutal tackling and endless diving and complaining, to gain territorial or time advantage and Chelsea players are proud they "fought, battled it out" and killed the enjoyment of British football in its magnificent new Arena.

If you want a "great advertisement for the sport in its new home" don’t invite Chelsea Football Club.

  1. ... says:

    aww not a good result for you then..or the football world in general…didn\’t even know who won till the next day, but then again I find more entertainment in watching paint dry (sorry!) talking of painting ain\’t you finished yet? and as for your question..why do people follow the flock? I have absolutely no idea…but I\’m no flocker! rotlmao, hope you\’re having a great week, if you\’re not sulking…luv n hugs Pen xxx


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