The Little Book of Chaos

Posted: May 16, 2007 in Books

its amazing when your decorating, or deciding what’s going to the Charity Shop what turns up. I have found my little bible again by Craig Brown [ISBN 0-7515-2657-6]

"Presents for the kiddies"

There is nothing like an electric stylophone, a drum kit, or a music centre with a choice of twenty-five different disco beats to make your friends remember exactly who it was who gave their children those presents.

  1. ... says:

    Hiya hun, a stylophone!!! god my mum and dad got us those when we were kids, the rolf harris stylophone, have nightmares at the thought..but then again could have been retribution on their part for us buying them things like the "buttoneer" ! Glad to say getting back on track, get knocked down, get back up again cest la vie, but honestly feelin much better, mentally that is though a bit battered physically from my impromptu flying lesson lol. Have a good weeknd hun, guess you\’ll be glued to the footie lol see ya real soon, luv n hugs Rev.P xxx


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