Posted: May 14, 2007 in Computers and Internet

I have spent days fighting with the software that allows me to see a Space or blog, but no chance and its all Microsoft software I can’t see friends spaces but have discovered that if you are using Windows Live Writer to compose pages on your machine first before posting to one’s space, everything works fine -DUH???

Even though I can’t see it, without downloading page after page to my machine, posting still works using this beta software. My friends may be happy to know I can keep up to date with them if I hooked an RSS feed if it was available, to their site. I cannot see the beautiful, graphic design layout skills of my friends but the RSS does put on a live page, your thoughts and photographs. So you are still stuck with me. I think the actual answer is that MS don’t want me. They have given me instructions on how to solve the problem (which I had already tried) but I think somefile, somewhere is corrupt, because any other site is problem free. If its got the word spaces in the address, I can forget it, weird thing was I was even acquiring lurkers.

So, lets see if you get this paranoid moan!

  1. » dave says:

    obviously not!!!!!


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