Posted: May 14, 2007 in Health and wellness
After moving what seems like a hundred pictures, filling all the hanging holes movin the furniture, washing away the London grime,
I can I have finally got some paint on the wall!
Making bespoke shelf units was fine except I have to get those out to get to the wall behind, besides I can put some backlighting in when I re-install it.
But I have got some paint on the wall, recommendedby a neighbour a brilliant white paint whose chemistry allows it to go on wet colour pink, so that you can see where you have coated and it dries out to a Brilliant! white plus some midnight or denim blue to match the furniture, gloss for the doors and a bathroom ceiling to seal and paint I will tell you, if I am still able to type, how the vapours effect apnoea, (shallow breathing during sleep which causes blood oxygen levels to drop and sparks seizure)
Of course it will look wonderful when finished, after repositioning all those pictures of family, friends, collegues, artworks, prints and paintings.
Its about time I did some cooking for someone, I may even see another human being this year!

what do you think?

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