Posted: April 18, 2007 in Blogged It!

"………..skinny, socially privileged, white people like to draw this neat little circle; everyone inside the circle is normal, everyone outside the circle should be beaten, broken and reset so they can be brought inside the circle. Failing that they should be institutionalised or worse, pitied".

  1. ... says:

    Awww owlet came to keep you company, I\’ll have to go and have a word with her about lurking!! how\’s the DIY going?? finished yet? will be back soon luv n hugs Pen xxx


  2. Lesley says:

    Hey Dave!
    I started visiting here some time ago via Penfold\’s place….. been guilty of lurking…… will comment in future so you know I\’m about. Hear you got a bit lonely while Pen was away!
    A friend of my husband suffers with Epilepsy… it started in his late 30\’s…. before they got his meds right he would often have a siezure in his sleep… he\’s turned blue a couple of times…. luckily his live-in girlfriend was there to phone 999… he would wake up in hospital not being able to remember the previous 2-3 days…. his girlfriend would have to tell him what happened before and after the siezure over and over again, until he could make sense of the missing days ….. then back at home he would go into a black depression for a few weeks…… this was the pattern until the docs got his meds right.  He\’s a talented musician and was my husband\’s main music partner, they were in a rock duo doing the local pub circuit…. Since Epilepsy, he doesn\’t do gigs anymore, he feels safer being at home, songwriting and jamming with musician friends who drop by. He still has the occasional siezure even now 10 or so years later, and he still fixates on all the stuff he can\’t do because of Epilepsy, instead of concentrating on what he can still do. So I do empathise with you hun…..
    Now we\’ve just found out that another friend\’s son-in-law has just been diagnosed with it, he\’s in his 30\’s too!
    Have a good weekend
    Take care
    Owlet x <">


  3. ... says:

    Hiya hun, yeah I\’m a real speed demon lol, could write the hindleg off a donkey! So up for a bit of DIY then? good luck….
    as for the connection between Autism, epilepsy, sleepwalking etc, during my research into Autism have discovered that they are very much connected, one reason why I got Liam checked out but there is no sign of epilepsy with him…yet, but two years ago he did start sleepwalking…think its all in the wiring!
    And thought I\’d also leave you a big {{HUG}} as this is also a time you remember losing someone, chin up and get painting! luv n hugs Pen xxx


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